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January 19, 2010

Summer holidays

We're home from our holiday*. We visited my sister in the beautiful Western District. It was lovely: a slow holiday with simple pleasures.

Pancakes for breakfast. A spot of kite flying. Trips to the playground. Dinner with delightful friends.

And making wishes at the wishing well (should I worry that one boy wished for ice cream, while his younger brother wished for money?)

Then there was a bit of strawberry picking (... we didn't eat any out in the field ... cross my heart).

And Mr HB joined us later in the week. We drove to a beautiful white sandy beach ....

... and made lots and lots and lots of sand castles (Mr Hoppo Bumpo worked like a man possessed .... do we think its connected to his childhood? He grew up by a shingle beach.)

On the last day we went to a little wool museum.

There was all manner of shearing paraphernalia to admire. I liked this middle shearing comb called the 'Moffat Virtue Trimmer' (.... its reassuring to know that there is a way of taming those embarrassing unruly virtues)

We tried a little hand spinning (my joy at thinking we had a future yarn artist in the family was dispelled when I noticed that there was actually a little reverse engineering going on).

And I mustn't forget my purchase from a gorgeous new place in town (more on Hazel Green next time).

Sadly all holidays come to an end.

We had such a lovely time. I must thank my sister who made us feel so welcome. Its not easy to have house guests who rise at 6.00am, spill food on the floor and think flatulence is hilarious. (But I do promise to be better behaved next time).

* The four hour drive there went swimmingly. I didn't make any wrong turns into pine plantations.


  1. What a wonderful time you guys had! Sounds perfect, love this post, love pancakes, love the reverse spinning, and love the Look of Hazel Green

  2. Sounds like all good families holiday should!
    And you have just reminded me that I have yet to post our happy snaps from our December holiday a month later...

  3. OMG that's the exact same wishinhg well where I made many wishes during my childhood. I even went to the primary school across the road from those lovely botanical gardens..... and wool is taken very very seriously down in those parts!

  4. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time.

    Wool, spinning and sand. Perfect :)

  5. Hooray for successful holidays!

  6. Sounds like a brilliant holiday - lovely pics! I did think of you as you were driving into an extreme fire danger zone - glad that no danger arose. nic

  7. Sounds perfect - yes, even the flatulence

  8. sounds and looks like you had great time :)

  9. I have been accused of being 'shrek-like' in the past. I even say 'better out than in'!

    Glad you've broken the journey-jinx, looks like you all had a wonderful holiday.

    Mmm, wooolll.


  10. Sounds like a wonderful time! Glad you did not break down or get lost!
    I could eat the Hazel green wool it looks too much like chocolate! YUM!
    Michele xx

  11. All super lovely, love that a boy tossed money into a wishing well, wishing for more money!! Was his coin on a string?? Lovely day & lucky us who have sisters who don't mind crumbs, well too much, mine does vacuum around us. Love Posie

  12. You know, not that I didn't know you were perfectly capable or anything....but I was a bit worried that the road trip was taking quite a while...

  13. I think I would wish for ice cream and money too

  14. Ooh, that yarn looks beautiful! Sounds like you had a great trip :)

  15. Sounds like a fantastic time away. The wool look delicious!

    Welcome home : o )

  16. Congratulations on surviving the road trip without incident! Sounds like a lovely restful break, well apart from the 6am starts.

  17. Summer holidays are lovely, aren't they? Yours looks particularly nice. Where exactly is the wool museum? I might be able to surreptitiously include it in our next holiday plans....!?!

  18. What a perfect holiday!

    (I think my Virtues came pre-trimmed...at least, I haven't noticed them growing much!)


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