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January 10, 2010

The ghosts of road trips past

This week I am taking Argy and Bargy on a road trip. We'll be packing the car and driving four hours west to a lovely regional town. But sans Mr Hoppo Bumpo.

Now I have to say that the children and I drive about frequently without Mr HB. We need to drive to get to the kindergarten. We sometimes drive to see friends on the other side of town. And often we have to drive to the supermarket to do the grocery shopping.

And every trip in recollection has been without incident.

But somehow, when I start thinking about the four hour bit I get just a little spooked. The ghosts of previous journeys - especially ones where I was the sole driver - haunt me.

So I've had my fair share of small passengers with their head in a bucket. Not so bad I guess - we've all been there.

Likewise, I guess most of us would have at some point driven 75km east instead of north. An easy mistake.

And haven't we all accidentally driven into a pine plantation and had to do a 43 point turn to get out ... with a trailer? Yes, I thought so.

But here I think my driving stories start to deviate.

Not so many people would have developed food poisoning ... whilst driving 200km on their own.

Or stopped their rental car for a nanna nap only to find that they didn't know how to get the car into reverse. (Its always handy to find the car manual before resorting to driving forward through a manicured garden bed).

And I guess even fewer would have found themselves on a busy English motorway, in a rental car that has the sunroof stuck in the open position. With rain pouring in. (Oh how I cried).

Yes, its a little hard to forget those trips. But this one should be different; better; tamer. Its a road traversed many times. And the same car that we take on the kindergarten run: one without a sunroof and where I have an excellent command of reverse.

And then there are the passengers - the same 3 and 4 year old that I travel with everywhere.

What could possibly go wrong?

See you again soon (unless we are lost in a pine plantation).


  1. May the Force be with you. And bribery, bribery is always good with an Argy AND a Bargy on board.

    I'll just be glad I'm not with you in anything but spirit, seeing as you make it sound so... luvvly.


  2. I really wish you didn't ask "what could possibly go wrong"! That question is just asking for trouble. I truly hope you have a lovely trip and don't end up in any pine plantations, although you could end up in worse places, the rubbish dump for example, ick!

  3. I once missed my own road!

    Best of luck - hope your journey is easy and pleasant, and all the flower beds and pine plantations stay off to the side, where they belong :)

  4. Have fun! I have all of that joy to look forward to - I have my driving test tomorrow but I don't hold out high hopes - of the 5 or 6 "pretend" driving tests I've done, I've only passed 1! I'll get there eventually, then I'll be roadtripping all over the place, with you as my inspiration.... ;)

  5. Oh be careful out there.... there's quite a few pine plantations on the way!..

  6. Happy driving, there, and back :)

  7. You are a brave woman!!
    Best of luck...Have a great time!

    I've experienced a bit of bucket action lately-
    Be prepared :)

  8. I'm quite good at this, my husband is frequently away for months on end, so i have had my fair share of road trips with 4 wide eyed children excited for adventure. Biggest one 2500km round trip & i seriously looked like a mother fleeing her husband with lots of strange looks at hotels.
    I don't do lollies, i do crackers, sandwiches, water bottles & things easily vacuumed up (travel with your hand vacuum) & take excess books, pencils & toys to pass to them, as they'll drop them & they look like sad parachuters dangling in their car harnesses trying to reach.
    See how well you can angel the rear view mirror to watch both traffic flying up behind you & the children!! This also go for ElastaGirl arms.
    Bribe them to wee when it suits you & a fuel or personal bathroom stop. Can any of you do 4 hours without a break??
    Finally, travel when they are normall not as active (for my children it's between 7p.m. & 7a.m.) but you know what i mean - if they would usually be kicking a ball around & wrestling, not such an ace time to have them strapped in. Happy travels, maniacs on the road, love Posie

  9. Travel safe...and travel with lots of snacks, books, toys and at least two blackmail options for the kids- that should get you through the 4 hours (unless of course you drive up a narrow road in a pine plantation...)

  10. I've been having the same things whirring in my head as Moo and I are going solo this week. We're only going to Phillip Island but that's far enough without Pappa! (We use Phenergan for travel sickness as Moo is a serial projectile travel vomiter. It works a treat and has the added bonus? of keeping her calm too. I just need to get me some to get me through the repetative Justine Clark on the CD player.....) Have a good trip!

  11. You know I've had 3 car accidents in driveways. 3 different cars, 3 different driveways. Yep, I find the driveway to be a precarious and dangerous place.

    Travel safely my friend. Was lovely to see you on the weekend.

  12. Hope you all have a wonderful time without any Bad Car Ma!
    Really sorry, that was very bad joke - over heated and tired!
    Take care!
    Chele x

  13. sounds like your past roadtrips will stand you in good stead to cope with this one...have fun and good luck!

  14. I'm crying Liesl - tears of laughter.. the inability to reverse, the pine plantation.. I think my favourite is the sun roof though!

  15. Best of luck - you may well need it! have fun :)

  16. Hoping your trip goes well, see you on the other side with happy healthy well travelled children.

  17. I wished you luck as I waved you goodbye! Also giggled myself silly over the road trips past. I've had a couple of those solo trips with small fry in tow...nothing as exciting as pine plantations to deal with! Lisa.


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