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January 20, 2010

A visit to Hazel Green

The phone call came in December. There's a new shop in town, said my sister. I think you will like it. As she described it, I somehow knew I would indeed like it. Very much.

Then came the tantalising month's wait until my holiday in Hamilton.

I finally visited last week. Jackie's gorgeous retail space and workshop, Hazel Green, in regional Victoria is beautiful. So spacious and serene.

At one end are her divine handmade clothes, bags, quilts, cushions and dolls. At the other, the most delicious selection of yarn by Jo Sharp.

In between there's a nice big table where craft nights are held.

If you are in Hamilton, you really must drop in (be sure to look on the counter at the lovely vintage buttons).

Or perhaps you could pop by her new blog and say hi. Keep an eye out .... there are good things happening over there.

Hazel Green
73 Thompson Street
Hamilton, Victoria
Phone +61(3)55722278



  1. Oh that shop looks divine! Wish the in laws lived closer to Hamilton - I'd be there in a flash!

  2. Wow, the fabbo OB who delivered all my babies is retiring to Hamilton - on the VIC/SA border right?? What a great little place, how lovely & such a great name for a store, love Posie

  3. Oh, I am salivating. Maybe I need to take the family on a holiday to Hamilton! What a gem of a shop.

  4. Looks dangerously nice Liesl, I will pop in if I am in Hamilton!
    Michele x


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