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August 28, 2009

A week of lists: 5 places to buy interesting dress fabric in Melbourne

Italian stretch fabric from Carmel's

I am joining in with Meet Me At Mike's excellent Week Of Lists.

This time I am listing some of my favourite places to buy interesting dress fabric in Melbourne. If you're not local, then you might like to check out the websites, as some of these shops sell online too.
  1. The Cloth Shop
    A beautiful shop filled with thousands of bolts, including a really wonderful selection of stretchies and some divine evening fabrics. There is off-street parking behind the shop.
    47 Lower Heidelberg Road
    Ivanhoe 3079
  2. theclothshop.com.au

  3. Carmel's Fabrics
    A shop like they used to make them. The service is fantastic and the store is jam packed with gorgeous fabric. Carmel's is a 45 minute drive for me ... and worth every bit of the time it takes to get there.
    11 - 13 Como Parade (West)
    Mentone 3194

  4. Clegs
    I remember how I used to love visiting Clegs with my grandmother when I was a little girl. Its lost none of its allure. The selection of special occasion, eye-candy fabric is just gorgeous.
    60 Elizabeth Street
    Melbourne 3000

  5. Tessuti
    The new kid on the block (for Melbourne, that is), Tessuti is laid out like a beautiful boutique and filled with stunning colour-sorted designer fabrics. If you live in Melbourne and sew and haven't been yet, you really must!
    Ground Floor
    141 Flinders Lane
    Melbourne 3000

  6. The Sydney Fabric Warehouse
    Huh? Sydney? Admittedly, a little bit on the outskirts of Melbourne (by 963 kilometres) but this shop does fabulous stuff. And as a bonus its online. I have bought a number of pieces of fabric and despite the ability to oooh and ahhh and touch, I haven't been disappointed.
    Sydney Fabric Warehouse
Do you have all-time favourite that belongs on this list? Is there somewhere I need to visit??

Later: more lists, including my favourite sewing tools and publications.

For more lists, head over to Meet Me At Mike's.


  1. Ah, I wish that I'd read this list before my visit to Melbourne a few months back. I visited Clegs in my Uni days for sure but I could have at least made it to Tessuti. Mmmm, might have to console myself with the on-line Warehouse...

  2. Thank you!!! It's so useful to know about alternatives to the dreaded ridiculously messy large chain stores, and I'm not far at all from the Cloth Shop. I might need to go and check it out. Soon!

  3. Thanks for the list! Last week I too was considereing fabric stores and lamenting the closure of Remnant Warehouse in Prahran (which may have happened some time ago...)

    My addition to the list is high end but v.nice! I bought a few things last week, and did a post of them.

    Lots of suitings, great textured fabrics, devine prints, stretch....

    It was called Artextil, now Astratex, 285 Lennox Street, Richmond. http://www.astratex.com.au/


  4. Rathdowne Remnants, another one in Heidelberg on a corner that I can't remember, and ye olde Job Warehouse in the city although it may not be there anymore... Great list Liesl - thanks for sharing it!

  5. Isn't it sad that I haven't been to any of them. I will so have to fix that.

  6. I used to go to Clegs with my grandmother when I was little and it was like another world to me... all shiny and lush!

    Great list, and thanks for the top two which I will set aside a day to visit very soon!

  7. Please don't ever visit Carmels without letting me know.
    That's right in my neck of the woods! You're bound to be thirsty and / or hungry after that long journey.

  8. Update Liesl!!
    New Shop!!!!!!!!!!!

    Super Cheap Fabric
    148 Koornang Road
    9530 4478

    near cnr Neerim Rd

    I just did a post with some pics of my purchases :)


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