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August 29, 2009

A week of lists: 5 foodie delights for those with allergies or intolerances

Decorated cake from "Just Yummy"

I am joining in with Meet Me At Mike's lovely Week Of Lists.

This particular list is a bit less about craft and bit more about scrumptious eats ... and who doesn't love those? If you have a food allergy or intolerance - or know someone who does - then I hope you find something handy on my 5 foodie delights list.

  1. Just Yummy
    A Melbourne-based bakery who know a thing or two about turning out delicious gluten and allergen-free breads, cakes and a host of baked treats. They didn't bat an eyelid when I recently ordered a fancy birthday cake that was to be nut, egg and fructose free ... and diabetes friendly. You can order online, visit their shop or find them at various craft markets.
    13 Meadowgate Drive
    Chirnside Park 3116

  2. Allergy Block
    An online and brick-and-mortar shop stocking huge range of allergen, preservative and colouring-free products. Allergy Block supply over 2000 lines and are fabulous for children's treats.
    220 Elgin Street
    Carlton 3194

  3. Cusine.com.au
    A mainstream recipe database with a difference. Fairfax media's recipe repository includes some special diet options in the search criteria. Choose from wheat/gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and egg-free. I love the beautiful photographs that accompany the recipes.

  4. Orgran
    An Australian manufacturer of over 70 gluten and allergen free products, including a good variety of convenient treats. Orgran's products can be found on the shelves of health food stores and supermarkets alike and are also exported to countries round the world. I am a huge fan of the egg-replacer No Egg.

  5. Well And Good
    This manufacturer of allergen-free baking mixes, has created the most decadent chocolate mud cake you could imagine. As well as cake mixes, you will find cookies, muffins and bread. The products are available in health food shops, selected supermarkets, online and internationally.

For more lists, head over to Meet Me At Mike's.


  1. Thanks so much for this list! Cohen is egg free, dairy free and nut free, so these are really helpful. :)

  2. Thanks for that list! Yummies to find (when we are back in Melbourne) and yummies to make!

  3. Liesl, great list, I am passing this onto my sister who is gluten free....I am always on the lookout for recipes etc for gluten free, so thanks

  4. Great list. I will also pass this list onto a gluten free friend!


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