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April 06, 2009

The silver lining

Its raining; its pouring.
Complaints of this is boring.
Behaviour's hit the skids.
I've got feral kids.
But at least there's colour this morning.

The azalea pictured above, is the lone survivor after a scorching summer.


  1. It must be a day for poetry!

  2. Roses are pink
    Leaves are green
    Yours is the bestest
    Poetry Ive seen

    As Ellie would say "more more"

  3. Ah you always make me laugh and laugh! When's YOUR book coming out. :P

  4. I've got a suggestion
    for your consideration.
    If our ferals exchanged,
    to each mother deranged.
    Scaring them to submission
    and hopefully appreciation,
    so home won't seem so bad.
    Then Mummy won't go mad.
    And if they start to complain,
    "I'll send you there again"

    I'm totally with you and love your poem!

  5. I know I have said this before and I will say it again - you crack me up!

    BTW how is puss? IS he still biting you? When I saw that photo it reminded me of one of our cats who used to bite - he is long gone.

  6. so true...
    just got to love those ferals...

  7. I'm a bit cross eyed tonight and I thought it said 'Behaviour shit the skids'!

  8. Tsk, popsie: we're so cultoored round here.

  9. Really.

    (Word verification: 'nonsen' - is he watching me or what?)

  10. This is wonderful!
    Gorgeous azalea too - I'm glad she survived. One of our baby Jacarandah's were not so lucky...


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