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April 07, 2009


He was our first. A bonny - and ever so cuddly - baby. Argy was born this day four years ago.

As part of the birthday festivities (which when you are 4, apparently extend for approximately 11 months), there is a handmade gift. Kiddo here has been made from Jodie's terrific Kinder Boys pattern.

Kiddo remains nameless at present. The name Mr Manny has been touted, but there is the real possibility he will be named after an engine.

Like most small boys, Kiddo is parading unashamedly in his undies. At least they're not on his head. I have given him a towel to wear until Argy and I choose some fabric for clothes. Fashion parade to follow.


  1. Happy birthday to Argy, Happy Birthday to Argy, Happy birthday dear Argy, Happy Birthday to you!! Hip Hip Chuggington!!!!!!
    Hope he has a great day - the number 4 so far has been good here. PS, Kiddo looks great.

  2. Happy 4th Birthday, Argy!!

    Hope he has a lovely day (despite the rain) - i'm sure he will with Kiddo to share his big day!

  3. Happy Birthday to Argy!

    And a happy birthday to Kiddo as well. Such a lovely new toy for Argy. Boys really do need soft toys to play with, what a good choice!

  4. Happy Birthday Argy!

    *sigh* They grow up so fast don't they....

  5. Happy birthday Argie. 4 year old boys are super special. Now he has a friend to share his adventures with.

  6. Oh Wow !!!!! I am crazy in love...
    He is the first boy I have seen!!!

    Happy happy birthday Argy.
    If its your birthday you get to do whatever you want - even walking around in your undies !!!

  7. Maybe Kiddo forgot his bathers and he's off to the pool for a swim!
    Have a great day celebrating your boy's birthday.

  8. Wow! You sort of gotta wonder where Jodie has been in her life if this is the first boy she has seen!

    Happy Birthday Argy! Love the kiddo!

  9. Happy Birthday Argy. It doesn't really matter if dolls have clothes anyway as they always end up naked in our house

  10. Happy birthday little man. Hope you all have a grand celebration. This man-doll looks fantastic!

  11. Happy Birthday Argy!
    I hope Mr Manny isn't doing too many nudie runs around the house while he's waiting for his clothes.

  12. Yeah Argy. Happy 4th birthday.

    Kiddo looks like he needs a cigar and smoking jacket. He is one smooth looking dude.

  13. georgeous georgeous georgeous.

    Happy 4th Birthday lovely one.

  14. Happy birthday Argy!

    I too have discovered that dolls will end up naked no matter how hard you try.

  15. Happy Birthday to Argy!
    I hope you and your family have had a wonderful day with lots of yummy things!

  16. happy birthday to Argy


    And happy birth day to you too. I hope the day was full to the brink with joy, fun and beautiful memories (and memory making too!).

    Four already. How time flies.

    Love your beautiful work. I bet Argy will treasure him always. xxx

  18. Oh I love this - happy birthday and I hope Mr *INSERT NAME* brings lots of cuddles and happiness!

  19. Hi I know you are fantastic and are an old hand at this blogging lark but you inspired me so I am passing on the lemonade award. You can see it on my blog.


  20. And happy birthday Argy - long live parading around in your pants!


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