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June 07, 2008

Threading problems ... or why my overlocker is like a toddler

Innards of my Janome overlocker
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This is my new overlocker.

Inside you can see a diagram explaining how simple threading the needles and loopers is. The diagram is beautifully drawn; the colour coding of the threads easy to follow. Following an afternoon of earnest endeavours, I can only conclude that a key label is missing .... the one near the end of the threading-process that says And then a miracle occurs.

There have been broken threads, knots and unthreaded needles. And petulance.

Owning an overlocker, is like having a small child. Desperately wanted and loved and a joy to be with most days. But sometimes it all goes to custard. There's yelling and tears and sideways hissing of get off the post-office floor/just overedge damn you.

You're as mad as hell, but deep down you know its probably you at fault. Generally there was something you could have done to head things off at the pass.

So, its back to my user manual to see if I can solve my threading problems. And mental note to self: don't take 1-year-old to the post office at nap time again.

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