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June 06, 2008

The number 11

I love corduroy
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I have a guilty confession - I love corduroy.

Pin wale, mid wale, wide wale. Any colour. Any weight. I have a fondness for sewing with it. There, I've said it. It feels a little like admitting to eating devils on horseback, while listening to Boney M.

There is, however, always something resassuring about a corduroy garment.

And there are others of us in the world. I have discovered The Corduroy Appreciation Society in the US. They meet on dates that include the number 11; the figure that most resembles corduroy. Their meetings include secret rituals. I wonder if this is something unconventional like brushing their clothes against the nap. I shall never know as they are in NY and I am half a world way.

This afternoon I have been examining my corduroy stash. I am getting started on Argy and Bargy's new winter trousers. Now if I can just decide which wale ...


  1. I love corduroy too....especially the stuff with floral prints...

  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! I had temporarily fprgptten (theres that spelling issue again - or is that a keyboard issue??)my passion for "cord" as it is known affectionately in this house. I've spent months (years?) building up a stash of cottons and cotton blends and now it is time to begin the great cord hunt... thank you for visiting my little blog and reigniting this passion!


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