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June 08, 2008

And here's one we prepared earlier

Red trousers
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Yesterday's overlocker threading problems: solved.

Mr Hoppo Bumpo intervened, read the manual and pointed out (perhaps a little smugly for my liking) my failure to heed a very important instruction at the start of the book. Yes, I am a little embarrassed, but feeling vindicated, as I knew all along it was to bound to be a case of user error. Just quietly though, I won't be forgetting to perform that step again. Or letting Mr Hoppo Bumpo get his mitts on that manual. And so - I thought - it was back to the trousers project ....


A household task that has little to recommend it. I don't like looking wrinkly (clothes that is, though I do have quite a few crows' feet), but I can't say that its a favourite task. That is why I guffawed when I read this lovely post from Leni & Rose.

I do like to press seams though. Which is where my problems started today. After warming up the iron and tilting it a little, there was a loud bang and a flash of blue light that arced impressively out of the plate. Wow.

My first reaction was: wacko, no more ironing this weekend. The second was: how the heck am I going to press the seams on all those new trousers under construction for Argy and Bargy? I can't possibly go on until I have myself a new iron.

Hence the picture accompanying this post is most definitely a pair of trousers that were prepared earlier ... much earlier. It seems the trousers I have been sewing this weekend still look very much like a big piece of uncut fabric.

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  1. Gorgeous trousers! Looking forward to seeing what you create when all the pieces come together!


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