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September 19, 2010

The circus is in town

Last week Argy, Bargy and I visited the circus. It was a lovely evening - if a little ambitious as a pre-schooler outing. Still the free tickets we'd been given seemed to outweigh the 9:30pm finish.

It was the boys' first visit to a circus and they were transfixed by the music and lights. They ooohed and aaahhed and applauded wildly as we watched clowns, dancers, acrobat and magicians.

Not surprisingly the illusions were a particular hit. There were gasps of awe as things appeared and disappeared. (Though I am a little concerned: do the boys now suppose that if they set fire to a box and throw a cloth over it, that 30 seconds later two attractive ladies in sparkly swimsuits will jump out?)

My favourite part, on the other hand, was the acrobatics.

Chiefly for the fact that Bargy kept turning to me and whispering Mum, can you do that too? I loved his unswerving - yet misplaced - confidence in my physical ability. Of course if you know me in person, you will vouch for the fact that I am far more Rubber Lady than Circus Acrobat.


  1. OMG You've never let that talent out at any crafty get-togethers!

  2. That photo somehow makes me a little nauseous, and yet I can't stop looking at it!

  3. :) This is incredible!
    Pay attention to his hips...

  4. I second Cathy"s comment. LOL. You crack me up.

  5. You are MUM you can do ANYTHING.

    Sounds like a jolly good outing... and nobody ran away to join them!


    PS do we not ask for show news?

  6. I should worry less about the sparkly-clad girls appearing (although ready-to-hand sequins is a plus) and more about the inherent fascination of boys and flames.

    Plus? Those feet? I am way impressed.

  7. Hello ... does your son walk to the shops like that? Actually, he probably wouldn't get too far.

  8. Oh wow - that pic of your feet defies logic Leisl!
    Sounds like you had a great time, the circus is always in town in my house ;-)

  9. Oh Rubber Lady, why wouldn't he has anything but complete confidence in you? xo

  10. I LOVE your boys, Liesl! Treasure that wide-eyed wonder at all things special and different. And I bet they loved your non-prizewinning show entry, too!


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