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September 17, 2010

Melbournian ... or Goth?

This week I decided to have a little try at creating my own skirt pattern.

For some while now I'd been thinking it would be nice to make a yoked skirt in a nice drapey stretch fabric. I figured that with my sway-back and mahoosive bottom, that a yoke line might look quite flattering. Never underestimate the powerful trick of chopping one's derriere in half (er, horizontally as opposed to the natural vertical division).

Anyway I digress.

After sketching the pattern onto paper (using several existing garments for inspiration), I checked the stash for suitable fabric. I rummaged through the stretchies. There was black jersey. Black bengaline. Black ponti di roma. Black interlock. Not to mention several lengths of black jersey.

Um, should I choose the black ... or the black?

Suddenly it occurred to me. Despite being the most unfashionable person I know, maybe I really am a slave to Melbourne fashion: head-to-toe black. Either that ... or I am a latent Goth.

Perhaps I will stick with Goth. Yes. Forget the yoke: the next skirt can have a jolly big Victorian bustle. No-one will know whether I have a mahoosive bottom or not.


  1. Tee hee, that is a lot of black in your stash of dress fabrics!! I'm rather loving how a bias cut dress hides/ fatters my boobs & 'i've had 4 children including twins' belly. It's all in the cut!! I'm sure your bottom looks just fine, i figure, i can't see my own bottom so it's not really there & my husband usually walks in front of me anyway, so i don't care who is looking!! Love Posie

  2. Mahoosive? ROFL. Excellent word!

    I've seen you in real life HB, and and I'm fairly certain your current mild mannered persona is a 'front'for your inner Goth. Apparently your stash agrees with me ;)

  3. Black or Black?-That line in your post made me giggle:)

    I don't think it's goth, at all. I think it's just a nice black skirt.

  4. inner goth!? hmm, not sure but I really can't say much as I am sitting here covered from top to toe in all shades of umm...black


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