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May 23, 2010

The sleep-in

Dear Argy and Bargy,

When I said I would like you to try and sleep in this morning, I really was thinking more about time than location. Deciding to sleep in ... front of the door, for example, is not really the restful respite that your mother was hoping for.

(Does anyone remember how many sleeps it is until your father gets home?)

Love Mum xx


  1. Mine decided at 3:30am he'd rather sleep in our bed. He wasn't too cold, his nappy wasn't too full, but he was going to cry inconsolably if we left him alone. So while we all "slept in" (the same bed) not much actual sleeping occurred. Fingers crossed it was a once-off and not a new phase. It's enough have his unborn sister kicking me all night without him using my bum as a foot warmer.

  2. But how can you not adore those little grins under that blankie!

  3. I agree, how could you not love that cute little grin!
    at least you weren't all sleeping in the same bed & getting kicked most of the night...hmmm

  4. OH looks SO cute to us but yes as a parent it is like - oh mannn

  5. Yuck to solo parenting, yuck to 'sleep ins' with two little boys - and hurrah for your weekend getaway, when it occurs!

  6. So sweet, I think I just got a cavity...
    Hang in there...

  7. You really must learn to be more PRECISE in your instructions. I foresee a career in politics for those two.

    Do you know the Nursery School sketches by Joyce Grenfell? Hmm, possibly too true to be funny for you!?

    Good luck for the remainder!


  8. Oh, that is too cute. Must say, hubby and I went to a hotel last night to get a sleep in while the in laws were here to babysit. But I still woke up at 6am...mind you, it was unusually quiet on the 6th floor of a hotel compared to our usual household 6am noise levels.

  9. OH Liesl oh no, I don't know how you do it. xo

  10. See i always get the glares as i can not ever remember in over a decade of parenting with 4 children, any child who woke before 7a.m. & they never came to tell me about it either!! I just thought that was normal. Even my babies slept 12 hours overnight from 3 weeks. I've been called smug, but i just have never had to deal with sleep deprivation. Possibly my luck as this year, my children have 300 sleeps without Daddy home, doesn't that suck!! Small mercy that i get my sleep ins if i wish, only doubt the school would appreciate it, rocking up with 4 late children every day, but i'd be refreshed, happy, maybe even make up on??!! Can you set them up with something to do when they wake up, other than sleep in the door way?? Good luck, love Posie

  11. Hang in there - those tots look as though they're having a fabulous time to me

  12. Too cute!!
    PS Relax! Posie is NOT normal.


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