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May 22, 2010

Facing the truth

I found this picture by 3 year old Bargy this morning. Staring out from the Etch-a-sketch was an almost cartoon-like face. I love drawing, so it makes me happy whenever the boys sit down and create something of their own volition.

I was feeling particularly impressed with the overall proportion and arrangement of the features - perhaps even a little motherly pride ( ... you see a bit of naive scribble, but of course I see a portrait!). Then Bargy pointed out his error.

Apparently what I thought was hair was in fact legs. And as every kindergarten kid knows, these should be sticking directly out of the bottom of the face.

As they say, back to the drawing board.


  1. if you turn it upside down (currently viewing on a netbook, this isn't hard, not recommended for 17"CRT) it looks kinda like a funky birdy type creature. And yes, as seen here does indeed look like a cartoon portrait.

    He draws better than me. He gets an A+.


  2. The creativity of any little one is amazing. I love it. Today one of my daycare kids gave me a creation he worked all morning on at home before I got there. It was a bag with white paper glued all over it. The bag is ripped and I just wasn't sure what it was but he told me it was for carrying my fishing towel in (?????). Remember I took them fishing last weekend? He said that this bag with the handle would be so much easier then in my fishing box and the tear, it's where you leave a little bit of the towel sticking out to wipe my hands on. Okay, I'll use it the next time we go fishing, at least he knows it was something he gave me and I'll use. That is if Jim doesn't think it's garbage and throw it away. Kids, I love their wee minds.
    Hope all is well with you. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care and have a great and blessed weekend.

  3. Man! If I had been allowed to bring that kid home with me we could have that artwork all set up in the Tate Modern by now. I'm just sayin' is all ;-)

  4. You're better than those awful mothers who keep 'directing' what the art should look like, suggesting colours and saying"it doesn't quite look finished yet".....oh wait...that might be me...(!)

  5. Oh I think he is very talented and obviously inherited his mum's quirky view if the world.
    Fiona x

  6. whether it's hair or legs, I still think it's brilliant, actually I almost like it better after you understand they are legs. He looks a bit like an upside down version of Mr Happy with super long legs. Be proud still be proud! xo

  7. Mistake and all, it's still better than anything I can draw (I am crap even at stick figures!) Is that a portrait of you, Liesl? Hope you are having a great weekend.

  8. If you turn it upside down it still really works, although I'm slightly concerned about the fried eggs on the chest area!

  9. Ah, well, no stress. The kids don't get taught anatomy for a few years yet...mind you, most kids might possibly observe the lack of legs sprouting out of heads...but poetic license and all that! ;)


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