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April 10, 2010

Grounds for divorce

There's no point in putting up a pretence.
Decorating James The Tank Engine took ages.
My, how my hands hurt.
Those piped stars just went on and on.
There was wailing and gnashing of teeth.

But pity the man of the house.
A foolish hapless soul.
Who queried.
Right. At. The. End.
Why James wasn't towing his usual tender car.

At least the 5- year-old birthday boy loved it.


  1. So did said tender end up rammed up one of said hapless soul's orifices? Or was he just banished from eating cake and getting a take home lolly bag? Lovely cake Leisl. Well worth the RSI.

  2. oh thems fighting words!

    How long did it take to clean up? I have a bitter sweet attitude towards these cakes, so when I discovered that the cake decorating shop from where I hire the pan, buy the mix, colours etc and spend about $60, actually would make the cake for $70 I nearly cried tears of blood!!!

    James looks FABULOUS!!!

  3. thats great looking :D a great thing for a birthday

    i would have been so tempted to toss the cake at the hapless soul, but then i would have remembered how much work the cake took :p

  4. I'm surprised the 5 year old didn't bring it up, actually. I'm sure mine would have. But your James cake looks great and the tender was probably at The Works getting a new coat of paint.

  5. That looks great and looks like a lot of work.. Child was happy? yes! Husband will know better next time I hope! lol....

  6. I'm so out of the loop here and I'm only vaguely aware of a what a tender is - assuming some other train!?

    Heroic - that cake and the effort that went into it is nothing short of heroic.

    Next occasion perhaps you could purchase a toy that requires a LOT of assembly and then forget to mention it til 1am day of and leave Mr wheres the other train cake to it!

    Hope the party is fun for all!


  7. I'm still in total awe of you, that this is actually firstly a cake and you made it, you are a frigging master woman! It is sooooo unbelievably goood.
    As for the hubby, all that needs to be said is UH MEN! and the little boy loved it, so that's all that counts.

  8. Superb cake, really something. Especially the cheeky expression. I hope the waves of supportive electronic estrogen from the Woman of The Interweb are helping to heal your emotional scars.

    Perhaps you could thank him for remembering the bit you forgot and ask him to whip one up?

  9. Fabulous cake. I hope you smacked him with the wooden spoon! :o)

  10. I take my hat off to you, lady.

    And then I whack Mr HB over the head with it.

  11. Hrmm. I have had comparable experiences: "that cake isn't anatomically accurate enough!", or "you've forgotten to include...". Many expletives follow, with many threats from me with the wooden spoon, with return pleas of "Oh, but I was only trying to help!!". At least the boy liked it. I think it looks ace.

  12. Oh it's fantastic! As for The Man, I hope you threatened him with a wooden spoon?

  13. sic the fat controller onto him!!
    awesome job Liesl! seriously professional job!


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