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April 09, 2010

Ode to stitchless sewing

I'd like to ask you a question
To see what you think and know
About this favourite pastime
The hobby we all call: "Sew"

You see, I think I'm "sewing"
But this could be quite unjust
You see, my poor sewing machine
Is gathering loads of dust

There's been not a single stitch made
Nor any fashion fabric cut
Yet in my mind, I've done loads
I've been a total sewing nut

I've bought lots of sewing mags
And renewed my undying passion
For possibly, maybe, one-day tracing
Something from Burda World of Fashion

I've downloaded a Jalie pattern
And begun taping together pages
(But the seventy-two I've printed out
Are taking bloody ages)

I've slavishly read sewing blogs
I'm keen to keep abreast
Of all the current sewing trends
(Especially how Cathy will be dressed)

But at the end of the day, I accept
That most would really deem
That the act of sewing must really result
In the creation of at least one seam


  1. Oh my goodness you have me laughing out loud - especially at your Cathy reference! I am SO with you - I have so many craft/sewing/crochet books it must be as though osmosis somehow transforms them into reality...superb poem

  2. Love it!! So witty and clever!
    And so true for all of us at some stage or another :) Get to that machine and sew girl sew! xox

  3. Oh so true and very amusing. Well done :o)

  4. ... you mean this doesn't count as sewing????

  5. Who cares? You've obviously been exploring other creative interests!

  6. I'm not convinced that the production of items is required. I mean isn't it a fact that it's the journey not the destination that matters? That intention matters?

    And surely, if you're writing poetry as wonderfully entertaining as this as a result we we should be thankful there's not much sewing going on.

    Hey, don't forget to send me that list of stuff we talked about last night.

  7. yep, you've nailed it! or do I mean pinned!?

    If blog reading counts, I'm super productive on the sewing front.


  8. I'm with you Liesl - too much time online

  9. Bravo! Magnificent poem!

    With me it's hours spent on ravelry, reading about knitting, but not actually knitting ...

  10. Hee hee! I did my own version of stitchless sewing yesterday by sewing a quilt without putting any thread in the machine ;)

  11. tee hee - clever girl, you are!

  12. I've printed this little beauty to hang above my machine.....but unfortunately I put it on the pile of works in progress & it's been swallowed up!


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