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September 07, 2009

Lost for words

There's no denying it. Its been nine days. Nine long days. And not a thing. A good dose of castor oil and a sturdy plunger have failed to rectify the problem. Its most awkward.

Yes, it seems I have developed Blog Block*.

Do I call a doctor or a plumber?

* This condition seems to be accompanied by fatigue, woolly thinking and a lack of craft. Oh ... and a two year-old who has a predilection for singing at 4:30am.


  1. Oh dear, nine days. You have it fairly bad, but I have seen worse. Don't worry, I would suggest a bit of blog hopping for inspiration, a trip to the library and local craft shop and if possible, a bubble bath. These are usually sure fire ways to unplug the blockage.

    Good luck and remember that posting about not posting is the first step and you have already done that. We are all here for you. Good luck.


  2. The Bug recommends you try eating twenty strawberries, always works for him ;)

  3. Christina had some great ideas, the only other thing I could suggest is to go for a walk and "notice" things and then get your pencils or watercolours out and just paint the "feeling".

    With regard to the 2yo, just be glad daylight savings hasn't started or it would be 3.30am!!

    Are you getting involved with the Northside Makers? Or have I missed it and you've already said something?

  4. it is serious. 9 days.... hmmmm... read some other blogs- are browse flickr I find that helps...

  5. Have a shower. Only thing that works for me. Just a bummer about that three minute shower 'rule'. (Damn ye, drought!). Having just typed that, I haven't the foggiest for a bloggy notion either.

  6. I think you have the answer to your problem right here.... a two year-old singing at 4:30am and a plunger.... hmmmmmmm.

  7. when you find a cure let me know - because Ive got it bad!

  8. I have it too..... seems there's an epidemic!

  9. Relax....it'll all come out eventually. I can help but wonder what is being sung at that time of morning- is there a top 10???

  10. No, no. Don't worry. I think I have identified the problem. All that is required is a large dose of Phenergan, a gag and a padlock on the door.

  11. Dear Argy
    Please be advised that your mum has a higher calling so if you could please let her sleep in a little so that she can meet the needs of her adoring fan base.
    Cindy xx
    PS> Wanna hang out on the school hols? I feel bad asking myself around all the time.

  12. Sometimes a kick in the butt helps for me, but I'm afraid I don't know you well enough to dare give you one ;-)

    I know how you feel. But it will get back, I'm sure. And then we'll all be waiting for you.

    x Karin

  13. We'll get your mojo going on Saturday, don't you worry.

  14. I hear ya! And Elliboo too. What's going on with us?

    Too busy with offline things maybe (which I believe is a healthy option!). Hmm....

    The best thing to do is not panic. A break is sometimes required. I'm thinking about reducing it to once-a-week for a bit to see if that helps at all... let you know if it helps :)

  15. Funnily enough, on Tuesday I thought my bloglines had stopped syndicating your entries because it is very rare to see none for days!
    (it has made me feel better about my long leave of absence though!)


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