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August 26, 2009

Tutorial: 3-by-3 kiddie canvas

This is the "pretty craft" fix I was craving last week. There's not even the merest hint of blue ... or a racing car ... or a muddy digger in sight. Flowers and pink fabric: just the tonic for the mother of two small boys!

The picture is a gift for my 4 year-old niece, Miss Pink. Yep that's her in the middle; in all her pixelated glory.

The picture is designed to be either free-standing or hung. The nine squares are individual canvases padded with batting and fabric. The corner designs are appliqued and the little girl's photo is inkjet-printed to a special cotton fabric. The canvases are secured with a plastic backing and then again around the perimeter with satin ribbon.

I loved using all the girly fabric and doing a bit of pretty applique. Please excuse Miss Pink's photo (I can assure you that in real life she looks a lot less pixelated) and the embroidery (which is so bad, that it should be pixelated).

If you would like to make something similar (or better!), I have posted a little tutorial.

It has additional applique ideas, including those that would be suitable for a boy.

You can view the tutorial online here (where there is also a PDF download available). Have fun - I'm sure your embroidery will be better than mine!


  1. Awwww that's adorable and I want one for my wall!
    So much prettier than skull and crossbones.

  2. oh so sweet...and adore the little squares in the prettiest colours...
    great idea of the pic in the middle just perfect...

  3. I think your stitching is lovely , the whole design is so pretty .

  4. Hey Liesl, this is great! I'm sure she (and her mum?) will love it.

  5. Beautiful and so creative! I love this idea. Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. I'm sure that Miss Pink will be thrilled to pieces, I know that Petal is green with envy (oh yes, she peered over my shoulder when she saw all that girly lovliness). Looking forward to reading the tutorial.

  7. What a gorgeous and thoughtful gift - so creative!

  8. That is really, really cool. I love it.

  9. Oh it is so cute! Definaley no argy or bargy anywhere in there. I will have to check out the tutorial too. I love the idea of using the picture too, did you use an iron on option or the printing straight onto fabric

  10. Oh it is so cute! Definaley no argy or bargy anywhere in there. I will have to examine out the guide too. I really like the concept of using the image too, did you use an metal on choice or the publishing directly onto fabric


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