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May 03, 2009

Eye spy ... a new favourite blog

I am playing along with Cindy's Eye Spy meme each Sunday. This week Jhoanna, author of the gorgeous One Red Robin, nominated the theme of spying a favourite new blog.

Sadly, I have to admit there's been little blog reading in these parts in recent times. The Good Ship Housework has instead been charting a slow and steady course.

But all the while the sirens blog subscriptions have been calling. Their beautiful words and pictures have filled my blog reader. Read us ... read us ... they have sung (all 202 of them ... in chorus ... and possibly in 12 part harmony). Of course I have been tempted. But like Ulysses I've lashed myself to the mast clothesline, put beeswax furniture polish in my ears and resisted.

Oh, except for this one (its a goodie) ...

Amanda Fazani's fabulous reference, Blogger Buster (http://www.bloggerbuster.com/) is a wealth of interesting explanations, tips and hints for people who use Google's Blogger platform. Learn how to do all sorts of fancy pants stuff: customise or makeover your blog; use add-ons and widgets; increase your blog traffic; utilise features of the Blogger platform more effectively; and more.

When the family untie me from the clothesline, I am hoping to try out Blogger Buster's very cute favicon tutorial.

Thank you to Cindy for hosting Eye Spy and to Jhoanna for the fun theme. To discover more blogs, head over here.


  1. Ooooo yay! Thanks for the link. I shall go check it out.

  2. Yep, great site. I've used it for a few things.

  3. Ooh I'll have to have a look! I feel a tad guilty about all my unread blog subscriptions at present. I used to be so diligent *sigh*.
    As for the rose, I'm pretty sure (as is my mum) that it's Blue Moon. All the roses were here when I moved in two years ago so it's been fun trying to identify them all!

  4. How was the tutorial - not got there yet ?

    If it's a messy one, I added a favicon last year thanks to a good/easy tutorial.

    Link is here:


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