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April 27, 2009

The party's over

Balmy autumn days had their last hurrah.
Blue skies bid their farewells.
The sun packed up and headed for northern climes.
Melancholy grey clouds took up residence.
A saturated cold set in.
But as I stood under this tree - just for a moment - I was bathed in the warmest glow of gold.


  1. Ah - that is a gorgeous shot.
    The cold has come over suddenly...I could have done with a few more mild autumn days. they're my favourites.

  2. How lovely ! Yes getting nippy here too , brrrr !

  3. How lovely to see that photo. Here I am just getting used to all the blossom appearing.

  4. Pictures that cool make me think the party is still going on.

    For me, it's heading into the best time of year. Nights cool enough for a quilt, days warm enough for short sleeves, sunshine not too hot, and all the snakes, box jellyfish, dengue fever carrying mosquitoes and cyclones are laying low for six months. Good times ahead ;)

    I do miss autumn, though.


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