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April 01, 2009

A-hem ... may I have your attention ...

Please select the correct answer.
A hem is:

  1. The noise you make when clearing your throat
    Sample usage: A-Hem. What's going on here? (pointing to floor)

  2. An accusation used by small children
    Sample usage: It wasn't me that poured that all over the floor; it was Hem (pointing to brother)

  3. A song frequently mimed due to poor eyesight and small print
    Sample usage: Please turn to Hem number ...

  4. Neatened lower edge of a garment or other sewn item. Generally turned up and held in place by a safety pin stitching

If you have an interest in hems of the sewn variety, please visit in the coming weeks when I will conduct a series of completely haphazard hem experiments (in the same line as Seam Along).

There will be a veritable hem-o-rama of blind hems, hem facings, rolled hems, covered hems .... and more. Both the sewing machine and overlocker will be gainfully employed and I will be using soft lens photography to pass off some very dodgy hand sewing. And, when I work up the courage, there will be a sprinkling of tricks like mitring corners and turning up tapers.

I might even show you some of my very own secret short-cuts ... the ones you won't hear about in your sewing class or in books. (Think of the potential of the humble staple, here people).

Next Wednesday: Starting at the beginning. I will be looking at the the basic turned up hem on both woven and stretch fabrics. Hope you will come back for Hem-Along!


  1. NOW you tease me with mitred corner hems! Saturday was when I neede that information. (Sigh) I shall just have to come back next week then.

  2. I look forward to it! My best effort at hems thus far has been Micropore Tape, which is a papery kind of tape found in hospital environments, very handy at holding up those pesky droopy hems, even through several washes!

  3. I am so interested in this. I am not a big fan of hemming. Any tips much appreciated!

  4. Oooh Ahhh I cann't wait for this one! I have lots of pants to make for little boys this winter so I need all the hem help I can get.

  5. My last hemming activity involved lots of masking tape. In fact, I think it's still there.... I ought to check!

    I sure could do with some skill improvement...

  6. Don't tell anyone but I once used sticky tape. EEE-gads.

  7. I am a bodger as well, I look forward to this as I actually put projects off if I don't enjoy part of it, as in 'hems', Yuk!

  8. Be sure I'll be here!
    Even not commenting! :)
    These "alongs" are essential for me.

  9. I had no idea there were so many types of hems!!!! You are quite the boffin!

  10. Sticky tape (the wide kind) is also quite useful in an emergency! I had a pair of pants sticky taped up for about six months before I got around to fixing them properly. The sticky tape even survived the washing!

  11. I found you yesterday and real all the Seam Along posts - loved them! Thank you. Looking forward to the hems, I have a skirt that is much too long (I barely grace 5'2") but I so wanted to wear it that I pulled it up to my ribcage and pinned it. Fortunately(?) I have a mommy tummy so it stayed just fine. Never thought it was a benefit to have a waist be bigger than a ribcage!

  12. I really like series this like. Looking forward to your future posts! BTW, I mentioned you on my blog today :)

  13. Oooh, I could do with some help on hems.

    BTW could you get on with setting up an Etsy shop already? I have two little boys who desperately need some nice hand-made pants!! By the time I get around to sewing them some, they'll be teenagers.

  14. Thank you thank you thank you! I cannot wait for your hemming tips. I am getting more adventurous with my overlocker now, and have even bought and pre-washed some stretch fabric to make a tshirt with. However I'm nervous about the hemming (mine doesn't do cover stitch), so I can't wait for your tutorials! Oh, and to top it off, I am doing a praying mantis freezer paper stencil on my tshirt ;-)

  15. I am really looking forward to seeing this series! I enjoyed your last...it is great to see all the options and learn!

  16. Oh I'm there. Front row seat for me. I've done white colored overlocking on black pants (too lazy to change the spools), the double-sided or rolled sticky tape and the stapler method.

    Nothing more embarassing than when the hem on a pair of dark tailored work trousers falls down to expose a white colored tape hanging to the floor, in the middle of a presentation for all the room to see...


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