Hoppo Bumpo (n): A children's game. Played by folding one's arms and hopping on one leg. Aim is to bump opponents, so that they lose their balance. Last person standing wins.

January 25, 2009

John's back ....

.... and this time he is promising me riches beyond my wildest imagination.

Dear reader, I make no promises about how much longer I will be here. It seems by this time next week I could be lazing by the pool at my private villa, with nary a care in the world. You see, I received good news by e-mail this morning ...


We wish to notify you again that you were listed as a heir to the total sum of Ten Million Six Hundred Thousand British pounds in the codicil and last testament of the deceased. Name now withheld since this is our second letter to you.

We contacted you because you bear the surname identity and therefore can present you as the heir to the inheritance. We therefore reckoned that you could receive these funds as you are qualified by your name identity. All the legal papers will be processed in your acceptance.

In your acceptance of this deal, we request that you kindly forward to us your letter of acceptance; your current telephone and fax numbers and a forwarding address to enable us file necessary documents at our high court probate division for the release of this sum of money. Please contact me via my private email so that we can get this done immediately.

Kind regards,
John McGowan Jr.
How remarkable - and exciting - to find that I had a distant relative with the surname HoppoBumpo.


  1. Oh how exciting!! NOT!!! Don't you just love the SPAM....most of it doesn't make it to my inbox thank goodness but goes to the spam box. Haven't had any on my blog though I have seen a few that do.

  2. That's so funny! I haven't actually seen that one before... but I've had my fair share of email from the treasurer of 'insert African country here.'

  3. What luck! SURELY it must be fate! There can't be too many HoppoBumpos in this wide world - it would definitely be remiss of you to ignore this wonderful offer, especially since they've had to email TWICE now! :p

    (These emails are so sad, but I think what's sadder is that some people out there really do fall for them)



  4. how fabulous - and so so so lucky you started a blog in aforementioned family name so you were able to be traced half way across the world and therefore receive your rightful inheritance. Gosh - isn't the internet such a powerful tool for this kind of carry on.

  5. Didn't you know that the venerable aristocratic family of HoppoBumpo dates from the time of William and Mary, when Albert de Hopp married the youngest Ms Mirabella Marie de Bumpo, thereby uniting a family of the greatest courtly ascendancy at their country seat, Bump Hill Manor (of course, as Debrett's would tell you, they spend the season at Hoppo House, in London....)

    (PS: word verification - fries.) Would you like fries with that?

  6. Too too funny. I will look you up in the phone book when next I am in Melbourne. H for Hoppo or B for Bumpo?

  7. "we therefore reckoned"
    Hmm, yes. I know LOTS of laywers that use that kind of language...

  8. I thought I had a witty comment to say but Taccolina's just blew it out of the water. I've quite forgotten what pearl I was going to share..

  9. Hmmph..I'm feeling left out. John hasn't been around to my place lately!

  10. Now now ....

    How do you think I found you ....

    Sincerely yours

    Allyoo Hoppo El Bumpo


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