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January 23, 2009

Confused of Melbourne

Dear Agony Aunt,

I write in the strictest confidence, seeking your advice. I fear that my husband and I have met an insurmountable problem in our relationship.

You see, I made these little boy's pants today.

I regard them as funky summer cropped trousers in soft brushed cotton. Mr Hoppo Bumpo, on the other hand, says they are fashioned from fabric bearing a strong resemblance to flannelette ... and are quite clearly pyjama pants.

What should we do?

Signed Confused


  1. Dear Confused,
    It is clear to me that there is only one way to save your relationship. Wait for Mr HB to go to work, then whip out those funky pants! What he never knows will never hurt him :)
    Agony Aunt Knickers.

    PS I love them! I'm tempted to make some for Ollie, they are just so darned cute.

  2. Dear Confused,

    They are what you intend them to be. My sister lets her daughter wear actual pyjama shorts and won't let anyone say they are pj's, so you are not alone!!

    Signed Confounded Aunt

  3. Oh dear, I popped in to leave a comment and found these other witty comments already left. Now I am without a clever remark to make. Looks like trouble in paradise for everyone.

  4. I think my clever and succinct reply would be "so what?"

    My older daughter wears flannel plaid pajama pants with tshirts all the time, and the younger one is constantly in pajamas, so I may not be the best authority with regards to the appropriateness of pajamas in public.

  5. They're NOT pyjamas. They're SO cool. I LOVE them. I must love themm - I've used so much capitalisation! And anyway, it's Melbourne - you can get away with anything!

    Word verification is 'congs'. Sounds like a good name for a funky pair of trousers...

  6. If it feels good wear it! Thats my motto! They look fab as always :)

  7. They look like funky summer pants to me!

  8. they are the funkiest cropped summer pants I ever have seen!

  9. Clearly Mr Hoppo Bumpo needs a fashion lesson or two. Those pants are stripey summer fun. Love the new banner.

  10. Well pyjama pants are my favs! If I could get about in them all day I would be one happy mama!
    They are ace- do they come in mama sizes?!!

  11. lol.... ever since my first batch of red tie dye faded to a very feminine pink..... my man has leant to roll his eyes and walk away. good luck with the pants I say if the kids like em let em wear em!!

  12. If the kid will wear them, that's all you need. Doesn't matter what time of day he wears them in. As long as he is actually DRESSED!! (Unless that is only me who had/has that problem. :p )

  13. Can't possibly be pyjama pants, his poor little ankles would drop off from the cold ;)

    But they are a perfect length for summer puddle jumping!


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