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January 10, 2009


I couldn't resist when I saw that Amy from Badskirt was conducting a Blogfessional. What better way to get a bit of guilt off one's chest than declare it in a forum guaranteed both permanence and large scale humiliation.

Amy has confessed to light-fingering paint chips. Apparently she has a penchant for collecting them - all without an iota of intention to colour-match and paint. I should imagine that at this very moment Dulux is probably hot on the heels of chasing down her IP address. With a bit of forensic analysis, her number (which is 6600-AC in Blue Teal, apparently) will shortly be up. I can just see tomorrow night's news now ... as a PC and heaving bags of paint chip evidence are removed from Amy's home.

My secret on the other hand relates to paper napkins in restaurants and cafes. I know I shouldn't but I always take more than my quota. Not one or two. A teetering stack of them. The sort of pile that says serious mop-up operation. Of course with two disgustingly filthy boy-children I can almost always inwardly justify my greed need. Still, when you next go to dab the corner of your mouth after your meal and find the napkin holder bereft, you'll know squarely who to blame.

My other confession (ooooh ... its all spilling out now) is that someone in our household has blown the broadband allowance for the month. All blog writing, blog reading and photo uploads are hereby decreed to be excruciatingly slow for the next four days. (If you don't hear a great deal from me, other than some swearing in the distance, you will know why.)

Ah that feels better. Now, head on over to Amy's blog and see what other people are 'fessing up to ...


  1. Someone in our household blew our bandwidth quota last month. I say that with a very guilty looking face. I feel your pain.

    Mr Badskirt steals napkins too. Sometimes we'll walk past a takeaway and he'll run in to grab a few. No food. Just borrowed napkins, unreturned.

    Thanks for joining in. I've added you to the blogroll!

  2. I reached sainthood many years ago so I have nothing to confess...bwahahaha
    but have always felt that paint chips are for scanning a color to see how it will look on your own wall once you figure out all the computer steps.

    Mostly they are for hoarding, aren't they? along with Formica chips and the occasional Corian chunk?

    (I think these are called 'nondisms' which is the verification word. Thank you for naming this Blogspot.)

  3. Ooh not the download limit! You are very, very, very bad indeed! If you lived in my house you'd be thoroughly told off! (just ask my husband after he blew our limit for the second consecutive month!)

    I never take one napkin- what good is one? Besides I need a secret stash for when I go through the drive through and they give me none! None! What is the world coming to?

  4. This confession thing is lots of fun. Amy has come up with a fun idea.

    Napkins huh? I'll come looking for you next time I'm short.

  5. I've never thought of stealing napkins but I never leave home without tissues so that's probably why!
    I confess to blowing the downlaod limit each and every month....5 gb of it.


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