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January 11, 2009

Eye Spy... something I want to try in 2009

I am playing along with Cindy's fun Eye Spy meme each Sunday. This week the lovely Bek of Red Chocolate nominated the theme of something we'd like to try in 2009.

I seem to have quite a number of somethings ...

  1. Collars and plackets - the last frontier in basic garment construction
  2. Lino cutting - tried once before, but the box says these cutters cost $7.80 ... so clearly quite a long time ago
  3. Velvet embossing - after the great velvet fiasco of 2008, I have plenty of remnants to experiment with
  4. Knitting - will it be easier to learn than crochet?
  5. Quilting - starting with a picnic rug
  6. Sketching - again, tried before ... but with 2 decades between me and this sketch, I'm not sure I even remember how

Thank you to Cindy at Bug and Pop who is hosting Eye Spy and to Bek for the great theme. Its good to have a list of goals for the year! To see who else is playing, head over here.


  1. Great plans. So exciting to have a list of new things to do. I must go off and write myself one.

    Thanks for the lovely comment at my blog - shame I'm not half so elegant the rest of the time!

  2. I think knitting is way easier than crochet (I definitely failed my crochet lessons)!
    I've never even heard of a placket.

  3. Cool list! You will be busy in 09! Looking forward to following your crafty adventures. Your sketch is really cute by the way.

  4. I find knitting less fiddly! My first crochet attempts are disastrous but I managed to knit a scarf! Good luck.

    You lino cutting reminded me that I forgot to look for an old lino cut at my parents this evening that I did in high school. The main thing I remember about lino cutting is it really hurts if you slip!!

    I love your sketch. Very sweet!

    I can't wait to see your progress on all these!

  5. go for it...I'm sure that by putting something on a list gives you more incentive to make a go of it.

  6. Good plans!
    I like knitting only in Winter!
    You have a great site here
    http://www.knittinghelp.com/ it's really very good
    Good luck!

  7. You're a multi-talented chicky, I'm sure you'll breeze through all those projects.

    There are lots of good books to help with the collars and plackets, and also online help available here -
    and also - http://www.threadsmagazine.com/

  8. Looking forward to seeing some more sketching! What a great list

  9. Now that's a list, I'm going to attempt quilting too.
    Lino cutting looks interesting , I'll be looking forward to your progress reports.
    Good luck :-)

  10. I can knit but cannot crochet so me think you can knit too!

  11. Oh, I used to *adore* the lino-cut print .. the smell of the lino, the 'pressing into firm cheese' memory of cutting .. the curly scrolls of discarded cut .. the sticky printing inks and squeegees..ahhhh.

    Lino heaven :)

  12. oooooh I cant wait until the lino-cut-a-long - Ill be there for that one


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