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January 10, 2009

Huge twice-yearly clearance

Don't miss this massive summer clearance. On for a limited time only.

Its all got to go: appliances, toys, building supplies, glassware, furniture and more.

Multiple locations. Available by the cubic metre.

Bargains will just be walking away. Hurry - strictly while stocks last.

(Just don't get caught)


  1. It must be a bonanza if it's only twice a year! Our 'clearances' are monthly.

    Hope you find something good (and don't get caught!!).

  2. It's perfect weather for hard waste shopping too!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you find (evil grin)

  4. You get two hard waste collections? We only have one here. Happy scavenging!

  5. I adore big item pickup days. :p

    In Hawaii, there are so many military, who get orders to ship out with no advance notice, you can find MASSIVE loads of stuff put out. It's a regular sport over there. lol


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