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September 11, 2008

A stencil along

(Download: freezer paper stencil tips PDF)

I'm a bit of a magpie: I simply can't resist shiny things.

I like a few sequins, a diamante or two and some rhinestones. I can gaze at twinkling Christmas decorations for hours. I have trouble walking past any fabric containing even a hint of lurex. I habour secret desires to wear inappropriately sparkly eye make-up. I once thought that puffy glitter fabric paint was a good idea.

So you see, the lure of shiny explains this latest acquisition. A pot of shimmering black pearl fabric ink. Its lustrous and beautiful. I had to have it. Another case of buy now; think later.

So I've finally come to the thinking part.

Following a brief interlude after the granny square crocheting, I can see another hapless craft experiment on the horizon: freezer paper stencilling.

If you haven't seen this before, it involves cutting out an image from the sheet of freezer paper, ironing the paper to your fabric and then stencilling. Et voila, a beautiful image! Or that's the theory.

I'm a bit excited about this one.

There are loads of lovely examples of freezer paper stencilling about (for example, look at this one over at Angry Chicken). It would be really fun to do some t-shirts for Argy and Bargy, especially as the materials aren't too expensive. And from what I understand, you can even print nifty initial images onto your freezer paper using an inkjet printer. Note to self: best check this out with Mr HB. We don't really need another printing fiasco like this.

All else aside, this particular project seems to meet one essential criteria: I think I actually understand the instructions. A complete turn-up for the books. In fact, I reckon I could knock out at least one half-way decent t-shirt in a month. And if it all goes pear-shaped, I can quietly sneak the freezer paper into the kitchen cupboard and pretend that it never happened. Excellent.

So, care to join in a Freezer Paper Stencil Along? Trust me, if you are time poor, this is for you. The bar is set low each week.

This week, my aims are to:

  1. Find and read a few tutorials.
    On my list already are these good ones at Craftster and Unwind.

  2. Get my hands on a roll of Reynolds Freezer Paper
    From the little reading that I have already done, it sounds like this US product is the stuff to use. It can be ordered at various places, such as quilting supply shops.

  3. Launder a piece of fabric that I can do a test run on.
    I'll probably use calico, as I have metres of the stuff for sewing toiles.

  4. Think about what kind of image I will use for my first test-run (hopefully, in a week's time)

A bit on how I've fared, next Thursday ...

Edit: This was Team Stencil. Check out their blogs for stencil inspiration!

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  1. This sounds awesome - and sounds like something even I can do.. Maybe??? I'd love to do it with you.

    Just one thing. What's freezer paper?

  2. I can have a shot I reckon. Maybe it is what I can do in my spare 10 minutes. I have no NO artistic talent but I should be able to find something I can use. Great idea to get everyone in!

  3. I'll have a go at anything that involves making lots of mess!
    I saw something similar on Sewfunky not long ago too and I've seen it on Martha Stewart but I never know what freezer paper is....

  4. hahaha magpie! So if I ever meet you I will wear an ice cream container on my head with a face drawn on it so you don't try to peck my ear rings. Or is that just something us from up there in them hills did when we were kids?

  5. Sounds awesome . I have some freezer paper here (had it for ages) but just haven't got round to it yet. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  6. this sounds like fun - I am going to have fun watching what you do - then I might try it! Good luck.

  7. aha! I knew that buying freezer paper just in case it would come in handy would pay off eventually. Now I just have to unearth the fabric paint.

  8. I bought a roll of freexer paper from Punch With Judy at one of the Quilt and Craft Shows. I even saw some sold BY THE METRE at Spotlight or Lincraft once. I still have some if you want a little sample piece to try - I could post a piece to you if you like.

    It's excellent for applique and fabric flower-making (anything where you need to cut accurate repeats of anything. Now you have me all excited about stencilling....

  9. I loooovve freezer paper. It's my only way to stencil. Which is going to make it interesting when I bust into my MIL's box full of acetate stencils, and try not to completely destroy any fabric I approach with them.

    (Aussies, I use CJ something or other that I got off eBay..it's already cut into A4 size, so it's perfect for that running through the printer thing. :p )

  10. [arm raised and stretched very high] oh oh oh can I join the group please please please. I promise to be much more diligent than I was with my crochet along...I wont let you down this time - pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze.

    Now what is this freezer paper stuff - cant I just pop down to my local Franklins and get some Homebrand?

  11. Ah, freezer paper stencils. I went through this stage about 3 years ago, I still have about 20 metres of freezer paper in my cupboard, waiting to be used up :)

    I'm happy to share some out if people want to see what the fuss is all about.

    I look forward to seeing what you do with it!

  12. I've been dying to try freezer paper stencilling for ages. But where do you buy the freezer paper from?!

  13. The freezer paper stenciling remains on my very long to try list. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    (Sometimes I used to use glitter glue as eye shadow in uni. Ack I can't believe I just told you that).

  14. The freezer paper stenciling remains on my very long to try list. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    (Sometimes I used to use glitter glue as eye shadow in uni. Ack I can't believe I just told you that).

  15. Hey looking forward to seeing the outcome...


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