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September 12, 2008

Psssst .... wanna buy some freezer paper?

Following on from yesterday's post .... if you are in Australia and interested in buying US-branded freezer paper here are some options. Before buying, it might be worthwhile reading through some of the suggestions left in the comments.

Oz Quilts
Reynolds Freezer Paper 12m x 38cm wide ($13.95)
Ricky Tims' Extra-Wide Freezer Paper ($15.95)
Quilter’s Freezer Paper Sheets: 30 Sheets, 8.5 x 11 inch ($12.00)

Punch With Judy
C. Jenkins Freezer Paper Sheets: 50 sheets, 8.5 x 11 inch ($16.95)
Reynolds Freezer Paper - 1m ($1.00)
Reynolds Freezer Paper - 5m ($5.00)
Reynolds Freezer Paper - 12.1m box ($11.00)
Reynolds Freezer Paper - 15.3m box ($14.00)
Reynolds Freezer Paper - 30.7m box ($22.00)

USA Foods
Reynolds Freezer Paper 75 sq feet ($9.99)
Hersheys Milk Chocolate Bar 43g ($2.00)*

Patchwork Quilting & Craft
Quilter’s Freezer Paper Sheets: 30 Sheets, 8 1/2” x 11” ($12.00)
Reynolds Freezer Paper Box 12m x 38cm ($12.95)
Ricky Tims' Extra-Wide Freezer Paper 42" x 42" ($15.95)

All of these prices are exclusive of delivery charges, which do vary. If my imperial-to-metric guestimate is right, it looks like a roll of Reynolds Freezer Paper is probably cheapest through USA Foods. However, they do have a $20 minimum purchase. *Still you could always buy $10 of Hersheys bars, right?

(Never doing anything by half-measures, I have bought a little bit of both Reynolds and C. Jenkins. I have ordered mine through Punch With Judy)

Any other suggestions for brands or places to buy?


  1. I know Calico + Ivy stock it too for about $1 per metre.
    Love your research, particularly the chocolate segue. That's got to be a favourite of mine.

  2. A very comprehensive list. I got my freezer paper from USA foods in Bentleigh. I can also recommend the Junior Mints :) Addictive!

  3. USA Foods..you evil, evil person. Ds nearly passed out when we saw the Jolly Ranchers in their stock list!!

  4. I've also bought some by the metre from Amitie, and I've seen it at Spotlight too. But I'm pretty sure they don't sell Hershey bars ;)

  5. AWesome - you have done all the hard work for us!

  6. coles supermarkets sell it too, worth checking out your local.. the little one near me doesn't but the bigger one near work does.. not sure of the price (I have a $hitload of it) but will do next time I am there!

    newcastle nsw

  7. I got a supply of Reynolds paper form my parents when they visited from Canada. It's great for applique and little bits, but when I tried to get larger sheets ready to go through the printer a couple of weeks ago, it just wouldn't stick! Anyone else tried this method? Am I missing something??

  8. You can also get it at Crafty Mamas :)

  9. I bought my freezer paper at spotlight for a few dollars a metre unfortunately there are no peanut butter cups there....

  10. spotlight stock freezer paper. you have to ask for it as they keep it under the counter but they do have it. there is also freezer paper at the remnant warehouse for those in sydney.

  11. Wow! You're a star. Thank you so much for all of this information. I just likned to this in my post on freezer paper. I tried my first print on Friday and am quite happy with how it turned out. looking forward to trying some more soon.

  12. Under the counter freezer paper. I'm sorry, that makes me laugh so hard! Do they wrap it up in brown paper and check that you're old enough to buy it, too? (tee hee)

  13. Thanks to Angela at threebuttons I found your tutorials on stencilling - how wondeful! I really want to give these a try I'm off to find freezer paper asap.
    Thanks :)

  14. looks quite a great post, it's having good information for research analysis. great job

  15. i'm thinking of doing my own design on a tshirt. so far i've bought the shirt and fabric paint. i still need the freezer paper. thank god for your post. imma check out spotlight and woolworths

  16. I've just spotted it at Retromummy too! Thanks for this post. I really want to get some now for stenciling.

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  18. I stock it as well at Stitch This in Nagambie Vic


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