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August 06, 2008

Tissue box cover

This is a quick project completed last night - a tissue box cover. Please excuse the fact that it is pictured empty ... more on that later.

I used a terrific tutorial, which you can find on Lara's Kirin Notebook blog. The tutorial is easy to follow, well-diagrammed and can be adapted to fit any sized tissue box. The elegantly simple cover needs only a small amount of fabric and lining, along with two buttons and a little elastic.

The outer fabric I used is Cicada Studio's delightful Feeding The Birds. The fabric is a cotton-linen blend and lovely to work with. Pity I can't say the same about the lining that I (foolishly) chose. Its some super-slinky, chocolate-coloured Sunsilky, which will undoubtedly want to slide right off a cardboard box. Likewise something was clearly switched off in my head when I chose nice fat, rounded cream elastic (rather than something sensible and flat) to create the button loops. The elastic took on a life of its own when I tried stitching over it. Thankfully the wooden buttons that I used, did manage to behave themselves - nobody wants too many recalcitrant notions in the one project!

Now all I need to do is find a decent box of tissues to put in the cover. Tissues need to be hidden in this household. Argy and Bargy are the current land-speed record-holders for the gratuitous emptying of a tissue box.


  1. Recalcitrant notions - love it! I think I have a few of those too. Lovely tissue box - the exterior fabric is gorgeous! Thanks for the link to the tute.

  2. I LOVE the tissue box, and the fabric you used!

    Hope the sunsilky isn't too slippery!

  3. Gorgeous fabric (and isn't the tutorial so wonderfully easy to follow?!).

  4. Thanks for the tutorial link...that's so much nicer than staring at an ugly tissue box. I might just have to put it on the list of things to make!

  5. Wow, it looks fantastic, I love the fabric you used too. I could even be tempted to make one, and I can barely sew!

  6. Funny - perhaps emptying a tissue box should be an event at the Toddler Olympics - Argy and Bargy and Boo - Gold, Silver, Bronze winners!

  7. Oooh looks cute!! Thanks so much for the mention :)


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