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August 01, 2008

Show and tell

Enough already. I can hear that shameless laughter from here.
Actually, I think that might be me.

Here is my first attempt at crochet for the Beginners Crochet-Along For the-Eternally-Optomistic But Yarn-Challenged. It has taken me all week to get to this point, but I finally have a slip knot and a foundation chain. Of sorts. Its not beautiful. The technical execution is poor. The tension is all over the place; the stitches all look a little bit wrong. But as I am learning, you can actually be quite hopeless at something and still find it fun.

I like the instructions I have been using at The Purl Bee, but did think I would benefit from some back-up. So I was most pleased to find this marvellous tome at the op shop. It was half-price day at the Salvos, so I got the Complete Book (circa 1973) for the super bargain basement price of $2.40.

The book is great, but doesn't help with my major problem: how to hold the crochet properly.

I seem to be crocheting in the most awkward manner possible. Compared to me, Edward Scissorhands has the dexterity of a neurosurgeon. All the instructions show either just the hook and project or the merest suggestion of fingers. I need to see hands. And maybe arms. I really must get this bit sorted out.

I wonder how Ellieboo, Sparkly Green Knickers and MsLovesRain have fared this week? CurlyPops has broken away from the pack early, having mastered the granny square in far less than a week. Is there a rug on the horizon?

During the next week I am going to:
Work out how to hold my crochet properly!
Learn how to do a slip stitch
Read about how to do single and double crochet
Make sure I can remember what the abbreviations ch, dc, sl st all mean
Complete the first round for a granny square


  1. Hi there I am not faring so well, I have a book called Crocheting for Dummies and I think maybe a Dummie has a better chance than me haha, I have mastered the chain and I crocheted a scarf about 3 years ago, I long to make a granny square I want to make the sunburst pattern I will keep you posted. Feel good because you are not alone :)

  2. I was too busy laughing at the both of us I forgot to give you this link from youtube.


    This is Teresa she does the grannysquare in slow motion, she also does requests if you send her a message and I do believe she has a slow motion double crochet. Just go to her youtube page and click on her videos and type in slow and then you should get all her crochet techniques in slow motion.

    She also has a few blogs listed on her latest tunisian crochet video. Sorry for the long message. Take care

  3. Awesome chain stitch!! I have that craft book - I got it from my Nan one Christmas when I was in primary school. I still refer to it from time to time.

  4. Hey HB - dont panic - I didnt fair much better. I will post my pretty average results when I get home from work tonight.

  5. I have found that when making the first rows in crochet, when you only have a small amount to hold onto , it is extremely awkward. I crochet alot and I still find starting out the most difficult.

    When you have more to hold onto, you become alot less awkward!

    So hang in there, it does get easier the more you do and the bigger it grows.

  6. Keep with it - it will all fall into place and you won't even notice it happening! I promise!

  7. You are welcome for the link I learned to knit from watching tutorials on youtube, youtube has been more helpful to me than any book, I guess I am more of a visual learner, I'm glad Teresa's videos have helped you.

  8. I keep thinking that I have to start this - a month doesn't seem that long any more! Ok, I'm going to start mine now!

  9. Teresa is good. Just turn the sound down because she talks about doubles instead of trebles. Good luck - you'll do fine.

  10. I have learn to crochet on my to do list, but I've got a deadline of end of 2009 so I don't know that I'm ready to join in yet. But I'll be watching your progress because a granny square blanket is my target project.


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