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July 25, 2008

A beginners crochet-along for the eternally-optomistic-but-yarn-challenged

So far the crochet project was going swimmingly

I'm suffering from crochet-envy. After looking at posts like this, this and this, I've decided that I really want to be able to do something nice with a hook and a ball of yarn.

So I'm setting myself a challenge: learn to crochet a granny square .... in a month. Yes, I have definitely set the bar low on this one, but anyone who has seen my attempts at knitting would realise this to be a reasonable goal. Who knows, I may even have a knee rug finished by the time I am in my dotage.

Want to join in?

I am going to try out the instructions at Purl Bee and will endeavour to post my progress each Friday. I make no claims or promises about how this will all turn out. Feel free to offer words of wisdom ... or simply guffaw loudly.

This week I am going to:
Get out the hook and yarn that have been set off so well in my lovely Sunnyboy bag
Read through the instructions on Crochet Basics at Purl Bee
Practise tying a slip knot and making a foundation chain


  1. do you know what the best thing about crochet is - it's that when you drop stitches - you only drop one!. In knitting there are so many to recover if you do drop any.

    Crochet is really lovely to do and very therapeutic. It is really good to start on a small project like a granny square. I can't wait to see how many you make in a week! I am sure it will be heaps - it is extremely addictive!!!

    Just remember practice makes perfect!

  2. I´m sure you'' learn very very quickly! In a week you certainly will make more than one square - you'll see :))

  3. Thanks for the lovely mention. I think you'll be fine. It's heaps easier than knitting for lots of people. I'll be back to see your progress next Friday.

    Lovely blog by the way. I'm looking forward to reading more of it.

  4. Yes, I'll join you - never crocheted anything in my life - though I can knit - so how hard can it be (famous last wors?). Will check out Purl Bee's words of wisdom tomorrow and purchase myself the necessary implement on the weekend. Should be interesting.

  5. I don't know if I dare join in or not ... I am really really crap at crochet, but I'm game if you are!

  6. Good luck! Would love to join but just don't have the time right now! Maybe you can teach all us beginners when you have mastered it!

  7. Would love to join but I'm going away for 2 weeks, maybe I'll try it after I see how you go. I'm more a knitter, I've never done crochet. Good luck, can't wait to see your progress!

  8. Trust me, if I can do it so can you!! Persistence will pay off :)

  9. I'm up for a challenge (and I have certainly found crocheting to be a challenge in the past!). I love that you have been generous with your time frame, too! Sounds like my kind of time frame...


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