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August 02, 2008

Standing back and throwing ... again

Its been chilly in Melbourne. A sub-zero temperature or two. Rain. Hail. Frost.

We don't get much frost any more. I used to love it when I was a kid.

Here's a dish that my boys love in the cold weather:

Brown some diced lamb. For the pictured dish, I wasn't able to find diced lamb - I instead used a couple of mini lamb leg roasts which I cut up myself. The meat was amazingly tender (... but then again, so it should have been at that price!!). Throw in diced pumpkin, a tin of crushed tomatoes, a tin of rinsed chickpeas and a bit of crushed garlic. Shake some ground ginger and turmeric over the whole lot. Then go a bit crazier with ground cumin. Sprinkle in just a smidgen of ground cinnamon. Add some chicken stock and chopped fresh coriander and cook the whole show. You can cook this using the stove-top, oven or slow-cooker - all work equally well. This dish freezes and reheats like a dream.

You will notice that I have not named the recipe. This is because I call it Moroccan lamb and I'm sure that it bears absolutely no resemblance to any part of the Moroccan cuisine!


  1. Looks very nourishing!Just the thing for this cold weather.

  2. I love these sort of dishes. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Oh YUM!!! And please, stop with the cold freezey Melbourne talk, it makes me miss Melbourne too much. I LOVED the cold (but loved to whinge about being cold too!)

  4. It so funny reading your comment about calling it Moroccan lamb. As I was reading the recipe I was thinking how Moroccan it sounded. Then I got to the bottom and read the last bit.

    You can definitely call it that based on the Moroccan recipe book I use. You would just need to add a tiny bit of saffron.

  5. Now that sounds great, Moroccan or not! Thanks for sharing, I love this sort of recipe for the winter.


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