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July 10, 2008

Lost causes

As I was ratting through my stash for a zipper for the velvet Butterick 3597, I chanced upon two old, partly-completed projects. It got me to thinking about works-in-progress (WIPs) and unfinished objects (UFOs).

Infant's dressing gown
Circa 2005. Made from vintage Butterick pattern 4053. Mostly complete (though shamefully, wasn't even all my own handywork). Requires trimming with bias binding and some applique on the hood.

Its actually on my long "to do" list ... but right near the bottom. I'd like to consider this a WIP, but the last skerrick of motivation to complete it, is waning. Its almost certainly too small for both Argy and Bargy.

Besides, can you seriously claim to be working on a garment for 3 years? I'm sure it didn't take the Emmanuels that long to make Princess Diana's wedding dress. Perhaps I need that sort of pressing deadline to work to. But then no-one wears dressing gowns to royal weddings, do they?

Cross stitch
Circa ... um ...?
Blue dishes stitched in stranded cotton onto 25 count linen. 12cm x 22.5cm

This one is so old that I almost had to carbon-date it. Then I found the pattern. Family Circle January 1996. After 12 years I think I can safely say that work is without any progress whatsoever.

Maybe its a UFO? Will anyone quibble over semantics if I claim barely started is the same as unfinished?

(And yes seriously, what you see in the picture is the sum total of work completed)


  1. That is pretty impressive - i was feeling bad because on my to do list is "make ellie's birthday card" and her birthday was 2 week's ago!! But you win for sure!

  2. A couple months ago, I finished an outfit after 3 years, and gifted it to another little girl, since obviously, the first one had COMPLETELY outgrown it. Even worse, I have an identical one, in a much smaller size, that not only has the baby sister long passed, but I think I somehow left off an important section of the pants, and will take some major rehauling to work. Which, you know, since I don't even have a recipient anymore, makes it drop to the complete BOTTOM of the list. I still count it, though.

    That cross stitch, do yourself a favor, rip out the three stitches on there, take it off your list, and rejoice in reclaimed craft supplies. :lol:

  3. hahahaha! i love it. i put my ufos in the scrap pile so that i can at least reuse the fabric and notions.


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