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July 09, 2008


This deep aqua regal velvet is meant to resemble Butterick 3597. By Saturday. For a party.

Its a simple pattern, made many times before. But I must start. Right now.

Still, I really can't think of a better antidote to sewing that sticky vinyl, than a beautiful piece of slinky, slippery, silky velvet.

I do love velvet. Almost as much as corduroy.

There is something about the gleam, the colours and the luxurious texture. I became a velvet enthusiast in 1974. My first primary school teacher frequently wore a very beautiful fitted black velvet jacket to school (perhaps velveteen, but let's not spoil the story) .

I thought it was immensely glamorous. And indeed, amongst a mob of muddy, snotty and sometimes bilious 5 and 6 year-olds, it was a very brave and glamorous wardrobe choice. Either that, or a little foolhardy.

Hmmm, foolhardy, yes. That would actually be me imagining that I can get this skirt sewn before Saturday evening. So as I stare at the uncut fabric - admiring the beautiful drape - this regal velvet is starting to look more and more like a .... toga ....


  1. What a beautiful shade. You can do it! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Lovely fabric - can't wait to see it made up!

  3. Good luck!!! You can do it. It's gorgeous... Velvet is my favourite fabric probably because it was the first thing I learnt to sew with - a black velvet fitted dress. Brings back many early sewing memories with my grandmother.

  4. oooooh it's beautiful...good luck, I know you can do it....think happy velvet thoughts and mix that with lots of coffee (and chocolate)!

  5. You will look beautiful. Have a great night in your new creation!


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