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July 22, 2008

Close encounters

Meet Owen. As in ... should I be owen up to having made this?

Owen was last night's project. He's made from wool blanketing and silk ribbon. He was supposed to have been a teddy or a cat or maybe even a mouse (I find these things become clearer when you see how the ears have turned out). But when Mr Hoppo Bumpo looked at him, he muttered something about alien. Then imagining that he was assuaging my injured feelings he said "I'm sure it will turn out OK. Some toys do just have gormless expressions".

At that point Owen was tossed into a corner. (Even though I concede that at the wrong angle he does appear a little other-worldly).

Poor Owen has a history of abandonment. He was originally destined to be something else altogether. Like a ribbon embroidered woolen baby blanket for Argy. Some four years ago.

Anyway, if Owen turns into something that won't scare a small child, then he is destined for Softies for Mirabel . Let's hope that I can get him past Mr HB's stringent softie quality control.


  1. Aliens are cool! There's nothing wrong with Owen as far as I can see!!!

  2. Well done for making a softie for Mirabel. I will buy some as I am not creative enough to make my own.

  3. I think Owen is lovely....if he looks like an alien then you could always add some more spacey stuff to him. One of my softies was supposed to be an spaceman but ended up being a bunny because that's just what he ended up looking like!

  4. I think the organic design process is the way to go... just adapt and change the design as needs be. I think a little alien softie would be gorgeous.

  5. its so great that you are doing a softie......I would not know how to start

  6. Gormless is one of my most favourite words! I'm so happy to see someone else use it. I get teased for saying it!

    And yes, aliens are very cool!


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