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July 21, 2008

Too much thyme on my hands

But not the right sort.

My lemon thyme is growing like a weed ... along with the rest of the plants in the garden that really are weeds. To use some up (the thyme, not the weeds - I don't think they would taste so good) I have made a very simple favourite winter-time dish. It reheats and freezes exceptionally well and Argy and Bargy seem to like it.

I've become a bit of a stand-back-and-throw cook.

To make this dish I lobbed some floured chicken thigh fillets into oil and browned them off. Next I hurled in chopped fennel and slung in diced sweet potato. Then I sloshed in chicken stock and seeded mustard and tossed in lots and lots of thyme. Finally I chucked it in the oven to cook for an hour or so.

At the end you can pitch in a dollop of cream or sour cream, then (optionally) throw it at the family.


  1. I like to throw a dollop of sour cream to things at the end as well - goes supe with pumpkin soup.

    This is the first time I have been to your blog (thanks for dropping by mine). You have some great photos, I have subscribed to your feed.

  2. I'm sure my smalls would like that too. All our weekday meals are thrown together.

  3. oh that sounds divine!! I love hearty winter foods!

    I know what you mean about thyme. I had so much i was just cutting it to throw in the bin to make it smell nice

  4. That sounds delicious... how great to have something on hand from the freezer you can dish out to the littles when you need something fast.
    I like to use my regular thyme to make homemade garlic bread.

  5. Yum! I love thyme. I will definitely be giving it a try.

  6. I love that kind of a meal. Even better if you don't have to brown off the chicken thighs. My crockpot and I have a love hate relationship. I love the idea, but I sometime hate the end result.

  7. That's totally my style of meal!! Sounds great!

    Hmm, yes, I empathise with your thyme problem. I've taken to growing herbs in large pots or tubs after a few unmanageable herb experiences... (don't talk to me about mint).

  8. Looks like my kind of dinner! Yummo! Might have to try throwing it together myself!

  9. I can't stand lemon thyme !!!

    I used to grow it to shape around some wire hangers as a topiary thing, but it used to give me a headache to even trim it.

    So i'd take the 'throw it at the family' option :)


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