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July 23, 2008

Walk this way

What springs to mind when you think of walking?

Walking the dog?
Walking along the beach?
Walking on sunshine?

Yes, walking generally conjures pleasant thoughts. Or so I imagined ...

Convinced that the only way to complete the velvet Butterick 3597 (and remain sane) is to use a walking foot, I have splashed out and bought a new gadget for my sewing machine.

The nice lady at the sewing machine centre said the foot would be Fabulous. The answer to all my problems. And she pointed out how suitable it would be for a number of tasks, other than sewing velvet. My eyes lit up when she mentioned vinyl (hoorah) and quilting (handy for an accessory I need to sew for a swap). So of course, I was sold.

I'll take one right away, I said employing the smash-and-grab shopping technique that I have perfected in the company of Argy and Bargy.

A little more research may, however, have yielded the following facts:

  1. To connect said walking foot, I would need to dismantle the existing presser foot ... into teeny tiny pieces ... using a screwdriver that has been lost for over six months
  2. Brute force and swearing would need to be engaged
  3. The very important screw that holds the whole show together would become temporarily lost on the floor (... more swearing)
  4. The instructions provided with the foot would be extremely sketchy
    They should in fact read: The walking foot in these instructions is not real. Any resemblance between this and a machine foot that would really attached properly to your Janome Decor 3018 is purely coincidental.
  5. Despite best efforts involving experiments with tension and stitch length, the walking foot would introduce a new puckering problem to poor old 3597

Time to walk away?


  1. Oh no! I do love my walking foot for knit fabrics and for sewing a few layer of fabrics. I hope you will find a solution to stop the puckering, and also I hope you will come to love the walking foot too.

  2. Sounds like a frustrating experience! Hope you can sort it out - I wouldn't be without mine.

  3. I hope you can find a solution to the puckering.

  4. This freaks me out, I have a Janome and have considered getting a walking foot but maybe not... I hope yours works out for you :)

  5. Oh no....I also have a Janome and was also considering a walking foot.....but maybe not!


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