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June 19, 2008

Placemats and other softies

Its been a very bleak day today.

After venturing to the park with Argy and Bargy this morning, I made a firm resolution to stay indoors for the rest of the day. This afternoon's project has been to start work on a soft toy.

I have only made two softies before. The first was when I was about 9. He was a frog made out of a very 70's brown stretch leatherette fabric. I was proud of him and he went to school with me. Not only did he end up getting grubby in the playground, but he contracted some kind of vinyl-itis and started to peel to reveal that he was no more than a jersey frog after all.

The second softie was made in a sewing class in Year 7 at high school. She was a black swan. And rather two dimensional. This particular softie was probably quite passable as cushion or a slightly padded placemat. (I'm telling you, it was very flat).

So when I decided that I would like to do something for Softies for Mirabel, I clearly needed to purchase a pattern. I wanted to ensure that my "creation" was less Bride of Frankenstein and more cuddly toy. If my Elsie elephant (distant cousin to Edward by Audrey and Maude) looks vaguely three dimensional, she'll be packed off to Mike's as soon as she's completed. So far, she's looking good.

Let's just hope she's not mistaken for a placemat.


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  2. Looking forward to meeting Elsie! I'm sure she'll be great!!

  3. I'm also in the process of making one too! They'll be able to hang out at Mikes for a bit!


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