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April 16, 2011

Washi out

Please choose the correct response ...

This lovely new Japanese washi masking tape:
  1. is a unique craft and design product
  2. will have an abundance of creative and decorative uses
  3. will most likely have its life cut short (please refer Exhibit A, below)

Yes: two boys and a roll of (non-washi) masking tape. The elder completely taped to the chair.

I was forced to intervene at the end of this game, when I overheard Bargy saying to his older brother "Now Argy, you will have to be a brave boy".

I'll leave you to imagine where the scissors were poised.

MT masking tape
10 pack - pastels
10m x 15mm


  1. Hehehe... I love that "...you will have to be a brave boy.."


  2. lol I could jsut imagine my two brothers doing this when they were younger!

  3. Those two crack me up... with such imaginations, I just wonder what they'll be like as teenagers hee hee...

  4. Oh lordy....I wonder where those boys get their imaginations from?

  5. Oh yipee, you are back!

    There is no way I'd bring washi tape into our house considering the rate at which it's cheaper cousins are unravelled (so far no siblings captured, just a gazillion creations from the recycling bin or general furniture items wrapped in tape.

  6. Does Argy have much in the way of leg hair? Just asking because I'm imagining whole worlds of pain.

  7. Oh, you'll have to keep that tape under lock and key!

  8. I am typing through tears of laughter! I love how you took the photo before rescuing! heh heh, committed blogger you!

    Isn't washi tape a bit pricey? double grrr!

  9. Great to see you back, madam! Am in the same boat here...my little angels played "spiderweb" with my handspun angora wool...

  10. ooohh, ohhhh!! they are very imaginative little boys those two!
    enjoy the teenage years Liesl ♥

  11. welcome back...and for the next few weeks "you will have to be a very brave Mum"...

  12. 3.

    Hello you! Glad to see you haven't been er... cut off.

  13. Never a dull moment at your joint! Glad to see you back in blogland. Hope to see you in real life soon too.

  14. oh dear, that nearly made me pee my pants a little!

    a reality tv show at your place would be super entertaining

    will post yr hat
    x cinti


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