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January 11, 2011

Crossing my eyes and dotting my tees

Stupid is, as stupid does [Forrest Gump, 1994]

I seem to be suffering an afflication of the BFs at the moment. If you are not sure of what BF stands for then please refer to the Wikipedia entry for ... ahem ... brain fart. Of course we try not to use that kind of language here at Chez Hoppo Bumpo. The word fart is is never uttered in front of Argy and Bargy, lest they misuse it in an important social situation).

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes. I've been on a bit of a t-shirt making spree. The three pictured above are based on a favourite Jalie pattern. Its #2005 - ladies t-shirts with scoop, boat and V neckline variations and short or 3/4 length sleeves.

Now given that I've already made a couple of these t-shirts, one might suppose that the third, fourth and fifth would have been a breeze. I've tried hard, I promise; to do all the right things. But, as I mentioned I have been hampered by a touch of the BFs.

Let's see ...

Exhibit A (red)
I attached the neck binding the wrong way round. Although it looks OK, I felt a little annoyed at myself as I did the same thing on t-shirt no.1. Oh well, better luck next time.

Exhibit B (stone)
Apparently luck has nothing to do with sewing. Despite paying careful attention, I attached the neck binding the wrong way round ... again. Seriously. I also appear to have transposed the sleeves, so that the wrong side of the fabric shows to the right side. Ooops. Perhaps not obvious to the passer-by .... but I know ... and now, if you happen to bump into me, you will know too.

Exhibit C (stripe)
Hoorah, the neck binding is the right way round. And my first foray into matching stripes was mostly successful. Sadly I set both sleeves in backwards. Yes, backwards. Luckily this oddity is virtually indistinguishable if I adopt a Mick Jagger-like strut, with my arms sort of bent at an odd angle. And my chest sort of stuck out. Which trust me, would almost ensure that you'd be likely to bump into me ... ahem ... if you know what I mean (but of course, I don't think I should be going down that path today ... as I have already blotted my copy book by mentioning farts.)


  1. If I happen to bump into you, I promise to discuss the weather, religion, ecosystems in the Amazin rainforest, anything but the binding on your tee. We hide the word fart in the phrase "farty bottom" in this house as our kids insist on using the words fart and bum at every opportunity otherwise...

  2. erty ferty.

    If you will insist on sewing with your eyes crossed....

    Nos 7, 8 and 9 - binding and sleeves in the right way round.

  3. Errrrr whoops! I promise I won't notice.

  4. Heehee, brain fart, I love it! I'm always looking for new words to embarras the kid with. Currently 'poo bum a sauras' is getting lots of "muuuuu-uuum!" (said with tweenie attitude). And the mistakes- very common over here, too, I just can't get that image of you doing Mick Jagger arms out of my head now! And the tongue out, I hope! ROFL!

  5. Poor Liesl! Days like that I just step away from the sewing machine and do something innocuous, like laundry.

  6. I just love the title of this post - very clever ;) XOL


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