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October 01, 2010

Ode to Blogtoberfest (a blog festival)

Its the first day of October
And as tradition now dictates
Tinniegirl gathers together
A bunch of blogging mates

They make a most solemn pledge
To write at least once a day
Throughout the whole of Blogtoberfest
(And not konk out just half way)

The lovely Curlypops is 2-IC
She looks after the giveaways
You should go take a look
And enter them without delay

To keep up with all the bloggers
Joining in with the festivity
You'll need very strong spectacles
And some speed-reading proclivity

And so begins this blogging month
Do sign up if you wish
A post-a-day for all October
Its going to be rather swish

(And I'd better apologise up front
You see, I'll go well to begin
But content is likely to get tawdry
The minute the material runs thin


  1. Very nice start to the blogging month with that ode :)

  2. aha that's amazing!
    happy blogtoberfest!!!

  3. Awesome Liesl, but I expect nothing less. Your blogtoberfest posts were high amongst my favorites last year, so you better live up to my expectations... ;)

  4. Ah, setting the bar very high to begin Blogtober, nice poem Liesl!

  5. Yes, I think Gypsy is right, you've gone hard early in the piece. I expect no less!

    A lovely Ode my talented friend.

    Now, off to put some eye drops in and read a few more hundred posts!

  6. I do love your inspired poetry! I hope to read many more during the month. I'm speed reading today trying to keep up with all the posts already.

  7. Great poetry Liesl. You can join me in the naughty corner at the end when we don't complete the task

  8. Love that poem! already speed reading AND speed commenting on all the blog posts around...

  9. Poetry to start?? You set the bar high!

  10. I vote you be made 'Blogtoberfest Poet Laureate.'

  11. Hahah! I do love it! postscript very aptly included, how are you going to beat that awesome ode?!

  12. A poem a day for blogtoberfest? Too much to ask?


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