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September 27, 2010

Parking problems

Hello, I'd like to report a parking problem.
Yes, the vehicle is right outside our house. Been here since last Friday.
Someone has just left it here.
I think it might be an abandoned vehicle.
A description, you say?
Um, well I'm not very good at these things.
Its kind of unusual: yellow; a two-door; and sort of flashy.
A coupe? Er, more a scoops clay, I think.


  1. I don't know if it is just the angle of the photo but it looks like a matchbox one with a teeny tree. Funny!

  2. You need to have a word with the driver. Perhaps threatening to withold dinner may precipitate its removal?

  3. Tilt shift photography, right? I know nothing about TS apart from one film clip I saw of a construction site which made all the trucks look like models.

  4. Sure it's not the CIA doing undercover work?

  5. I agree with Catherine, it looks like a scale model!

  6. yep, we're definitely going to hotwire it and take it for a ride. I'll be round after dark!

  7. Is this really a full size vehicle? It looks like a toy with little miniature trees?!

  8. I don't know...I think it looks....picturesque!


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