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October 31, 2010

Bloomin' marvellous {Blogtoberfest day 31}

This is how the garden looked a couple of days ago. See how the mass of spring blooms swaying in the warm breeze and dappled sunlight were cluttering the place up? Ixia flowers everywhere.

Thankfully some 50mm of rain has taken care of the problem.

Yep. Shredded. Decimated. Shuffled off the mortal coil. Ex-Ixias.

Along with that pesky rose. The one with dozens of buds that were threatening to flower. The branches fell off overnight. (That should save on pruning).

I'm not upset. No. No. Its fine. Really.

Bye, bye October - it was fun being part of Blogtoberfest. Thanks Cathy for hosting the month long blogging festival.


  1. Shall we start it all again for November? I don't think so.

    What a shame about all those lovely flowers.

  2. No, no! They were so beautiful!

  3. Such a shame about your flowers, they were gorgeous. The weather has been particularly up and down hasn't it?

  4. Ooh, and they were so pretty! Good thing you got pictures!

  5. So much rain! Nice you had a photo of before. Lou.

  6. I feel your pain- I've been out trying to shake the water off the roses so they don't go brown and yucky.

  7. At least you have their lovely images captured.

    Whenever the weather gets harsh - which happens in Scotland - my mum stands at the window gazing gloomily out and say "who'd be a plant?".

    Sorry for the damage.


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