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September 10, 2010


Recycling: the act of processing waste to create a new product.

For example, this abandoned material ...

... has been salvaged and converted ...

... into a completely new product called "Class 152. Applique hand or machine pieced".

Say it with me: reduce, reuse, recycle.

(Have I diverted everyone's attention from the fact I was too lazy to make something from scratch?)

One of three entries I am putting into the Arts, Craft and Cookery Competition at the 2010 Royal Melbourne Show (18 - 28 September 2010).


  1. Pretty, red, cheery. Hope it wins a prize!

    Are you doing any cooking?


  2. Go Liesl! I reckon it's a winner!!!

  3. Yep, I was totally diverted but am extremely impressed!
    If you win a ribbon, can I say I know you?

  4. Entering in The Show? Wow! I am impressed.

  5. GOOD LUCK!! I would be so initimadated by the nannas- good on you. I swooned over your zip neatness!

  6. Ooooh red. I like red. Surely it will be a winner just for that...?!

    I am absoloutely in awe of all the great show entries popping up in blogland... I knew I wouldn't get around to it so didn't register... next year maybe. (Laughs heartily & falls of chair)

  7. Oh yay! very pleased to hear you are entering in the Show and will be able to point your pieces out to my friends when I go! Very best of luck!

  8. i think it's even better than making something from scratch! using the 3 r's ha ha!

    it looks really fabulous!
    winner for sure :D

  9. This last sentence you type made me giggle,

    "(Have I diverted everyone's attention from the fact I was too lazy to make something from scratch?)"

    Anyways, loved it!!!

  10. Awesome! ... it'll be a winner for sure. (already is in my mind)

  11. Oh gorgeous. And you DID make it from scratch, you just started well in advance!

    Any scone-making this year?!


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