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September 11, 2010


This is my second entry in the competitions at the upcoming Royal Melbourne Show. Its been submitted to Class 79 which is for "children's wear".

I used two beautiful Liberty prints in the construction. The main one was found at Hazel Green and the contrast (and lovely green trim) was purchased at Tessutti.

The main print was bought well in advance of deciding what to make. My only forethought: I don't have much time, I'd better make this as easy as possible. Making something pretty for a girl will be much quicker than working out something super-duper for a boy.

So I decided on a girls' blouse.

Then looked for a pattern.

And you know what? I couldn't find the right one. Anywhere.

All I could find was a lovely little pattern for a boy's shirt. Thwarted. So I redrafted the front placket and the collar. Mmmm, yes .... that was quick. Hmmph.

This is the first shirt I have made finished, so it was a great experience learning how to sew plackets, a collar and cuffs. Given judging will focus on technique, my dressmaking teacher suggested I learn a new seam finish: the insides of the blouse are finished with little enclosed hairline seams.

Just quietly the judging criteria also decrees that "all decorations, hems, bindings, facings and button-holes are to be sewn by hand". Now while I am not adverse to the odd bit of hand-sewn binding or a hem, hand-worked buttonholes sounded like all kinds of torture.

Needless to say two hours before entries closed, press-studs looked enticing. In my defence they were ... ahem ... sewn by hand.

Stay tuned for news of a disqualification.


  1. very nice Liesl!! goodluck, fingers crossed for you.
    press studs sound great to me ;)

  2. Good luck! I probably would have risked disqualification over machine-sewn buttonholes rather than go the press-stud option. Hope all the other elements blow the judges away!

  3. Wow that's gorgeous, I love the fabric!

  4. You renegade, you! If it's any consolation, the smallest would choose a press stud over button any old day. Means she can rip through those (27) clothing changes per day.

  5. When were the rules written, 1910? Good grief, handworked buttonholes on a child's shirt - aah!

    Never mind the fact that I probably wouldn't even have hemmed it by hand either!

    Well they should know a good thing when they see it - it is quite lovely.


  6. My word recognition for the last comment - seriously, hand on heart was....


  7. Really beautiful - can't wait to see it on display!

  8. How pretty!
    Love the fabric :-)
    ps hand sewn is hand sewn!

  9. Ummm... who in the WORLD makes buttonholes by hand these days??? I think the judges need a jolt out of the Victorian age.

    I'll cross fingers and toes for you!!!

  10. When you mentioned that you made a shirt, you somehow neglected to mention that you made such a gorgeously constructed blouse!
    I'm seriously loving that ruffle detail around the collar. Good Luck!

  11. It's gorgeous Liesl!
    I have to say I'm baffled by their rules, who handsews button holes those days ( except maybe me and they would not be prize worthy ) xo

  12. Good Luck Liesl. I think it looks great and seriously who handsews button holes, we've moved on that's why we have machines that can do it for us

  13. So pretty!! I love how the fabrics come together.

    But hand sewn buttonholes???? I'd have gone your way as well!!

  14. I love the fabric combo's! Keeping my fingers crossed for you:)

  15. They won't disqualify you, they will be so mesmerised by the gorgeous print, they will think of nothing else but slapping on a blue ribbon on that pretty little collar!

  16. Oh it's beautiful Liesl! And I can't help wondering about the merits of hand sewn buttonholes???? Ridiculous. After they see your entry, press studs will be mandatory next year.

  17. I completely forgot to ask how you went with getting your entries in. I'm such a good friend, NOT!!!

    The blouse is just stunning.

    I think you're brave for the mere fact that you'll put yourself in the running with all those traditionalists.

  18. Wow! I am definitely going to go look at it when we go to the SHow this holidays. Hope you win!


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