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August 16, 2010

Baa baa - ah - ah - ah

Earlier this month I took my two little city slickers on a bit of a road trip. We drove 285 kms due west: our destination, Sheepvention. If you're not so familiar with this event, its Australia's largest wool-growing industry show held annually in Hamilton, Victoria. And its heaps of fun.

Despite the bracing wind and ever-present rain, Argy and Bargy had a whale of a time. They loved meeting woolly White Suffolks and baa-ing Poll Dorsets. They admired the enthusiastic sheep dogs and ogled shiny new farm machinery. And how could they resist indulging their passion for splashing through puddles and falling in gloopy mud? A good time was had by all (I managed to fit in a spot of shopping in one of the trade marquees - at the delightful My Poppet).

On our return home, I wondered what the boys had enjoyed most. The sheep? The tractors? The mud? Hmmm, lets see ...

Nope. Apparently it was the Gala Wool Fashion Parade. See? They have started installing aluminium foil "lights" on their catwalk.

Thankfully it seems their inspiration lies with the kids who presented Hazel Green's beautiful collection (and not the buxom lasses modelling black sequined hot-pants and dancing to a bit of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance*).

* Apologies to fans of the song about the title of this post.


  1. It sounds like you had a great time !

  2. so lovely to meet you there, shame the weather was so cold, but hey apparently Hamiltonians call it 'sheepvention weather'

  3. Your Argy and Bargy sound like such wonderful and interesting children. Good on 'em.

  4. Aaaaahhhhhh Sheepvention... brings back the memories. I rode my horse in the Sheepvention parade one year, and my mum hitched the shetlands up to a cart with mini wool bales for the parade too. What a crack up!

  5. Sounds like a blast - a chilly, muddy blast, but I guess that's what would make for a good trip when you are them. Glad you found time to get something for you too. I'm assuming you found some sort of craft 'puddle' to jump in!


  6. I LOVE the title of your post! And now I have an ear worm!


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