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May 16, 2010

Sew much fun

One weekend.
Sixty sewing and craft bloggers.
A million laughs.

This weekend I packed my overnight bag and sewing machine and headed to Sew It Together, which was held in Melbourne. The inaugural event was a resounding success - it was a such a treat to participate. Organiser and host, Sheridan from Chaletgirl did an amazing job. We were all spoiled with lots of goodies and prizes from the generous sponsors of the weekend.

There was plenty of time for craft and even a little fabric shopping. Now, whilst I can neither confirm nor deny participating in the latter, I openly admit to doing very little of the former. Despite carefully transporting several kilos of projects, my machine and some very good intentions, I made almost nothing during craft session ... except quite a lot of noise, a bit of mess and plenty of new friends.

I can't wait for Sew It Together 2011 ( ... next time I might not even make the pretence of taking sewing along).


  1. Just left a comment on previous post and the security word was "coyessew" Co' Yes! Sew!

    Looks like you had a fabbo time. Pictures of loot, in detail!!


  2. I am more than slightly jealous!

  3. What a weekend indeed! Food, chatter, laughs and a little bit of craft. What more could one want in life?

  4. SOund like the most wonderful and fun time, I'm sorry I wasn't there!! xo

  5. Wasn't it just the best fun!!! It was sooooo lovely to meet you Liesl, you're such a hoot!
    Can't wait until next year!
    Kelly :-)

    PS: I managed about a 3 lines of stitches in the 6+ hours, but met heaps of fab people, and talked myself hoarse. ;-)

  6. From all reports it sounds like it was a wonderful event.

  7. Thanks for your company on the weekend Liesl, I've never had 'sew' much fun :)

  8. sounds like a fabulous time Liesl!
    since there wasn't alot of crafting going on, I definitely would have fit in there.
    ...maybe next year..

  9. Liesl is was great to mee you and like you I did hardly anything except a few hexagons.

  10. Hi Liesl. It was great to meet you, I love your blog. I ddin't get much done either and will know better for next time - pack very little 'to do' and leave space for fabric shopping!

  11. (blocking my ears) la la la la la la la

    Wish I was there...

  12. Hi Liesl,
    It was lovely seeing you again after such a long time. Wasn't it a super-fun day?! I'm looking forward to next year in Sydney too, and (like you) I wonder if there's any point in even pretending to get some crafting done! It was so much fun ogling everyone else's amazing creations and chatting with all and sundry.
    Take care, and I hope to catch you again soon :-)

  13. Ohhh, is it bad that I feel a little bit jealous? It sounds like so much fun, I wished we had days like that here!

  14. Hi Liesl, it was great to meet you, it was such fun wasn't it :-)


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