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October 05, 2009

Natural enemies of the vacuum cleaner (Blogtoberfest day 5)

Research shows the following items should not be vacuumed in quantity:

  1. Lego
  2. Velcro offcuts
  3. Two and half metres of tinsel
  4. Cooked pasta of any variety
  5. Ants
  6. Vomit
  7. Gravel
  8. Squashed sultanas
  9. Clothes pegs
  10. Pancake batter

Brought to you as part of Tinniegirl's Blogtoberfest - a post a day in October. (And yes ... the quality is slipping. Imagine what day 27 is going to be like.)


  1. And how annoying is it to have to sift through that vomit, gravel and pancake batter to find that one teensy weensy little piece of Lego which is the last piece that the offspring NEED (NOW) to finish their 598 piece front end loader...?

  2. not that it ever has a chance in your place but peanut butter can SO go in that list too. I was going to buy Caleb some lego for Chrissy until I saw that

  3. You have just brought tears to my eyes!!

    I already know I'll be featuring one of your posts as my "Best of the 'Fest" for Saturday... but which bloody one?! Stop with the funny posts already.... ;) (No... don't...)

  4. It's one of my favourite sounds, lego being sucked up the vacuum pipe..

  5. Two and a half metres of tinsel- HA!!

    Keep the funny posts coming!

  6. the other natural enemy of lego is a bare foot and a mother carrying 14 bags of shopping who doesn't see it and she stands on it and FARRRRRKKKKKKK it hurts!!!

  7. Haha! I had enough of Lego lying around so I had a lightbulb moment one day. Check out my blog to see what I mean!

  8. Thanks for the laugh. As usual!!

  9. Really? You can't just upgrade to a vacuum cleaner that will do the job?

  10. this is where you need to introduce child slave labour prior to the vacuum cleaner firing up.

  11. Such vacuuming wisdom! Thank you for making me laugh, Liesl, it has been great to find your blog.

  12. sounds like you need a shop vac ;p

  13. haha...Yep I can relate..I think it's crazy how my kids can think that vacuuming up anything and everything will do the trick even after they suck something up that blocks the rest off..They are done but I am left with an hour of declogging...Lovley post!

  14. this totally cracked me up!! vomit,pancake batter??! what the...?!


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