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October 31, 2009

Just a minute ... in October (Blogtoberfest day 31)

I am joining in with Jenaveve's Just a minute meme, where we take a few moments to recall what we've been doing during the month. So, this October I have been ...

Snapping ...

... an electrical storm. These pictures were taken late last night as the most fantastic storm passed over Melbourne. I stuck the camera out of the window (in the pouring rain) and click-click-clicked for nearly half an hour until I finally captured two strikes. I've never captured lightening before ... and judging by my reflexes I may never do it again!

Watching ...

... a television program called Man versus wild.

Each week, this Discovery Channel program follows adventurer, presenter and Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, as he deliberately strands himself in a remote location and then demonstrates localised survival techniques. Its a fascinating and fabulous show (with the possible exception of gratuitous close-ups of Bear tucking into a meal of wriggling spiders and insects). I now feel perfectly equipped to swim out of the Florida Everglades (avoiding the 'gators) should I find myself lost there.

Growing ...

... flowers and vegetables. Every spring I go a little silly and plant lots of things. Every summer I examine the poor shrivelled, brown vegetation that remains and think I shouldn't be allowed to keep plants. (see: the carrot incident, by way of example)

We have had quite a bit of rain in the last four weeks, so this month I can happily report that I am growing green, leafy heirloom tomatoes, butter lettuces, rocket, peas, plums, limes and strawberries. There are flowers on the strawberries, limes, tomatoes and some fruit set on the plum tree. I am not expecting any of them to survive.

Planning ...

... to open a very small online shop. But more on that later ... always best not to say too much ... just in case it doesn't happen. Me and my grand plans don't have a good track record. Why else would I still have 40 metres of corduroy in my stash?

Thanking ...

... the very talented and inspirational Cathy from Tinniegirl. A big hug and a kiss to you for hosting Blogtoberfest. Its been fun - and a bit challenging - writing one blog post a day for the month. Its been a lovely opportunity to discover some new and fabulous blogs. Props to the gorgeous Cam from Curlypops too for being the perfect barrel girl and keeping the huge list of giveaways and competitions. (Oooh, and don't forget, that if you would like to win a sticker maker, that I am have a Blogtoberfest giveaway. )

Thank you also to Jenaveve for hosting Just a minute. To see who else is playing along head over to her delightful blog, August Street.


  1. It has been a fun trip. Thanks for letting me tag onto your tailcoat for the ride.

  2. Wow,good work on capturing the lightening, they are some excellent pics.

  3. So just sitting around in October not doing much at all I see...!!!

    Nice work on the lightening snapping. Great photos and a nice image of you hanging out the window in the rain. I must confess that when I read "snapping", I thought of clothing snaps and immediately assumed you had gone an added another craft gadget (snap press) to your collection!!

    Please accept my apology for assuming the worst!

    PS. Good luck with the shop planning.

  4. Love the lightening snaps! And I'm hearing you on the vegie garden. Do you notice that the little plants in the punnets are physically shying away from you as you go to pick them up at the nursery? They do it to me. It's almost like they KNOW that it is a death warrant to go home in my shopping bag.

  5. Great pics Liesl. Very nice capture.

    Thanks for joining the fun. Now get that shop open Missy!

  6. Oooh...I'm impressed with the photos! We didn't get a drop of rain here, or anything that even looked like it might have had a drop of wetness in it (except Cooper's nappy).

  7. very nice atmospheric shots :) its not easy getting photos of lightning, well done.

    strawberries are pretty easy to grow. we didn't do anything to ours but make sure they had water once and awhile and now they have sprouted so many runners the yard is in danger of turning into a strawberry patch instead of a drying green lol

  8. Hurrah, online shop! I noticed that you'd kind of gone quiet on that dream so I wasn't going to bug you, but I'm glad it's reemerged. you have oodles of talent and I can't wait to see you flogging your wares!

    Storm pics = scary. But fun.

  9. Wow.. the lightning shots are amazing!!

  10. The shop plans sound very exciting. Can't wait to hear more. And those pictures are beautiful!


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