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October 04, 2009

Eye spy ... my front door (Blogtoberfest day 4)

I am playing along with Bug and Pop's lovely "Eye Spy" each Sunday. This week's theme is from the delightful Karin of The Mrs. She has asked us to show our front door.

So here is mine.

On the outside you can see the nice screen door we had made when we moved in. I asked for the door handle to be raised above the standard height ... to prevent our two little boys escaping.

With the benefit of hindsight (and two long, rainy weeks of school holidays), I now see this was a mistake.

It has meant that I have had to leave a step ladder at the door. You know ... right next to the packed suitcase and the two Greyhound bus tickets.

Thank you to Cindy for hosting Eye Spy and to Karin for the theme. To discover other doors, head over here. (This post brought to you as part of Tinniegirl's Blogtoberfest - a post a day in October.)


  1. It's amazing how a few years of parenting (and a few rainy school holidays) changes your perspective...
    Can you make sure your boys get the bus to stop outside my place? I've got two here, packed and ready to go.

  2. And might I saw what a gorgeous screen door it is!

  3. What a lovely screen that is, especially in combination with that blue door. Nice!

    And those little ones and rainy holidays... ah yes.. I know how you feel. Wish you lots of strength ;-)

  4. What a lovely door! Who would have thought that people posting pics of their front door could be so cool? Love the colours and the screen door. Very inviting, even if it's not child friendly! :)

  5. nice looking door :) can the handle not be lowered in the future?


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